Saturday, May 28, 2016

What is this passing the buck on Palpita? Why is there no one taking responsibility for what is going on?

Dharisha Bastian’s article was quite clear that something was quite rotten in that a man, Anusha Palpita with a MR induced allegations of all sorts of misdeeds and with a severe indictment, being appointed as a Secretary, with no one at the Public Services Commission confirming this!

Then we have the relevant Minister disclaiming any knowledge of this appointment, see link below

and the Prime Minister calling for a report as to why this has happened, see link above.

In short passing the buck resulting in a farce, and our faith in the administration at an all time low due to such chaos. Who is in charge? Why has the PM not appointed a person with the backbone and balls to run his office? Surely it is time he realizes what his limitations and capabilities are and should delegate this to people who can do the job effectively, efficiently, speedily, and be completely transparent. Surely we have a few GOOD MEN left in Sri Lanka who are up to the task.

How much more imploring have we got to do, to get the PM to implement his great ideas and vision, because that is where it has all stopped. ALL THE FOREIGN MISSIONS are reporting back to base, that Sri Lanka does not have the capability to organize a piss up in a brewery, and so don’t send funds, as they will not be spent wisely, but wasted. Don’t we get it yet, that everyone knows how bad it is except TEMPLE TREES, where the worker bees cannot get it together to tell the BOSS that things are just falling apart for the lack of a strong man to run the place.

This is a critical need of the hour, no more time to dilly dally. Look at the way the flood relief is being administered, the President has appointed his PRIVATE SEC to chair the team handling this, when in fact this should have been under the PM and administered through TT. The whole reason the President had to get his overworked Private Secretary onto this, was because the PM was not up to the task of assigning the responsibility to manage this relief and rebuilding effort. The whole Govt. structure is waiting for proper instructions from above to implement the policy with regard to how the aid is distributed. 

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