Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Sir, Mr PM – “Megapolis just can’t be livable just because you say so”

With absolutely no concept of how to EVEN define THE LONG TERM OBJECTIVES, of Megapolis, which is still only in the head of the PM, how can it be livable as reported yesterday, see link below:

For the largest city in the Indian Ocean growing to about 10Million and eventually encompassing the whole of the Western Province, there is NO PLAN.

One has to take Government OUT OF THE MEGAPOLIS for it to work effectively. We cannot have Govt. servants littering the Megapolis, their ideas are way 19th Century and the faster they are sent off to Siberia the faster the Megapolis will take root in people’s minds and only then in people’s actions!

Let me be frank on what is needed for a truly diverse, naturally regenerative, sustainable, Megalopolis!

A well defined Transportation plan, that is quick, efficient and a public rapid transit for it to operate effectively. There is simply none. Where is the 15 year master plan?

Living areas, defined as multi-family dwelling spaces with shops and schools, easily connected to work places, around the ring road, is still on the drawing boards. ONLY some areas to be defined for high rise living, one section for high cost, along the sea front and low cost housing further inland that are smaller units, but nevertheless livable spaces in the way that Singapore has successfully built infrastructure around them, including schools, parks and playgrounds for recreation.

Work areas like High Tec Cities, with shops and cafes and also parkland easily accessible by public transport and by separate motorbike and footcycle pathways such as the new Apple HQ in the Silicon Valley. The MOTOR CAR is not a necessity in the new workplace, but quick safe, public transport to residential areas around the Megapolis is a must. I bet you transport is still being directed to be “Motor Car centric”, when advanced countries are ditching the use of the Motor Car, which will only be used on a hire basis for transport out of the Megapolis for weekends away and holidays.

Schools are simply ONLY located in Living areas, restricted to the residents, and NOT for commuting students, which is the unique phenomenon of Sri Lanka that has to be done away with, as being extremely wasteful, and non-productive. 

None of the above points have been considered – I ASSURE YOU!

Those tasked with implementation do not have the vision for a place in 50 years, as they are bogged down in today's baggage. A 5 year old will be able to come with a better vision of what livable really means.

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