Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Politicians – completely out of touch with the people in Sri Lanka

Ask any politician and they will bombastically tell you that they know what it is that people want and that they cater their whole breakfast to satiate that appetite whilst telling the questioner that the people really don’t know what is good for them, and we just tell them what they want to hear.

This kind of answer belittles the hapless innocent man on the street who is being cuckolded by the system in a grand scale. In short they are being taken for an almighty ride by those who hold sway over their lives.

Just Imagine, what Gota had to say about Sarath Fonseka who is mercilessly attacking the ground he walks on now, that he has parliamentary privilege to say what he wants from the well of Parliament even though most of it is for the gallery with huge exaggeration of the fact

While it is amusing to us the readers in hindsight, Gota is simply displaying his weakness as a leader, of appointing SF as Army Commander if he says he must be thrashed! So I hope the reader can understand that it is an admission of failure on Gota’s part in appointing such an ill suited person for the top job, and now he is being used by the PM as the mouthpiece for bursting the MR bubble in Parliament as a pure act of revenge for his unnecessary harsh treatment!

Coming back to the main point of this entry, it is to remind the reader, many of whom don’t face the threats to life that ordinary citizens do in their own homes, that Sri Lanka is still run by the low life thugs, who survive by threats and intimidation, where true crimes are NEVER even reported but are sometimes even condoned by the Police who are party to some of these misdemeanors, and sometimes even grave first degree crimes.

While I was being driven to work today, my driver said how an innocent person was viciously attacked just for being in the path of a local “chandiya” and when it was reported, the police chief looked the other way as he was having an illicit affair with a close relative of this chandiya, which prevented him from taking action. Whether this relationship was a cunning ploy of the chandiya to buy into the Police chief’s good books to ensure, safe passage during his crime spree is not something he knew of.

This is an example of the pervasive nature of people who are hangers on, who use their connections to higher ups for protection, and the innocent people in a village who suffer various harassment including sexual crimes, are prevented from seeking justice. They simply have NO BODY who will protect them.

Often this is done by someone of the Politician's own team, without the Politician even knowing he has been had by the local thugs who have supported him in more way than one merely to have protection. It is not unknown that local thugs give substantial amounts to the Politician's own fundraisers, so that when he is taken in for questioning on account of a crime, he is promptly released when the IGP calls up and demands that the OIC release him and transfers the OIC out of that region!

Where is YAHAPALANAYA here? It is a mere word of abuse!

Only when this kind of intimidation stops, and the Politicians realize their complicity in this regard, and stops it from happening in the future will Sri Lanka attain its reasonable level of justice. Until such time they are merely a Banana Republic.

Of course there is a straightforward approach to change the system, as I have advocated here earlier. That is simply to have Term limits limited to one term for all human beings in elected office!

It will clean the rot in an instant. NO TWO WORDS ABOUT IT. Only clean people will enter politics and will clean the place of the excrement that is currently holding sway over the people in each nook and cranny of this Country, quite oblivious or unreported in the media, except of course in this blog, that is determined to excavate the truth if I have to!

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  1. I just had a thought, in my previous blog post I was having a go at the unnecessary level of security. In fact many in this VVIP security squads are the chandiyas I refer to here, and with my proposals we will do away with these people who do nothing to have status, and salary and perks, and worse frighten the neighborhood into submission and silence of their crime wave that goes UNREPORTED