Thursday, May 26, 2016

Triforces have fallen into a racist trap – and they don’t even realize it!

My contention that Sri Lankan psyche is simply reactive, and not contemplative was shown in brutal force just a few days ago. Those of whom are intelligent enough to follow my logical line will agree. ONLY THOSE WITH AN OPEN MIND READ ON:

This is about the Eastern Chief Minister’s Outburst at a Compere who just happened to be a Naval Officer, at the event that he had attended in a school in Sampur. The details of the event have been noted in a previous blog entry today, and I will not elaborate any more on that except to find fault with the Chief Minister’s Educational level, as he has indulged in a classically uneducated reactive outburst due to hurt feelings which he simply could NOT control! WILL ANYONE DENY THAT?

So why the hell does the Triforces indulge in the same puerile behavior by banning him from any of their functions, and preventing him from entering their camps. Don't behave like a hurt BABY! This man will suffer a worse fate without you actually making him a hero here. If you make him a hero out of your ignorance it is still treachery, as you cannot plead ignorance here,


Remember anyone compeering there would have been rebuked by this uneducated man, it so happens that he was a Naval Officer, that’s all. Why is Social Media aghast as the slap on a “RANAVIRU?” That is simply a racist hit at the ethnicity of the man making the outburst, and whilst there has been no overt words spoken, the Muslim community are fuming at that in silence, as by association, they believe it is directly a hit on them, in short the idiots in the Triforces, being baited hook line and sinker to the RACE CARD. Caught in a classic trap, even fermented by ISIS.

Frankly the Secretary of Defence, Mr Hettiarachchi is a gentlemen of good breeding, as he has calmly referred the matter to the President, due to unacceptable pressure on him, also evidenced by the Rajapakse faction on Social Media, that has mercilessly crucified him for not taking action against the CM immediately. When the President returns from Japan, let us hope this issue would have died down.

Remember we are trying to be civilized in a society that is basically full of uncivilized people. Let us not go overboard and make insinuations that are NOT true. It just so happened that he was a Muslim politician, and don’t tell me we don’t have uncivilized Sinhala politicians who would act in a similar manner too, faced with the same humiliation that they see due to their chip of upbringing.

So my appeal is to the Tri Forces of whom I have high regard, NOT TO ACT REACTIVELY in the same manner of the Chief Minister. Otherwise you are just as bad as him. Two wrongs don’t make a right. It is only him who will face the music for his arrogance, your interference has brought it into a RACIST OVERTONE that is most unfortunate, and especially in the Eastern Province where the delicate racial balance has to be kept, and the true test of ONE NATION is most crucial if we are to develop our true potential.

I am afraid I have to conclude that the top brass have lost their balls as they are playing a reactive game and in war that is a reason for defeat. If they have learned anything about Military strategy, a tactician will say they have lost the plot. While I know our Top Brass to be better, I don’t know who took the decision, whether it was Military or Civilian, BUT THAT DECISION IS WRONG.

Why it is wrong will soon play out in the coming days, and instead of letting sleeping dogs lie, they have awakened a RACIST dinosaur on both extremes who love such an event to further their cause, and if  this REACTIVE behavior on the part of the Military is cause for this explosion, they are not keeping the peace they are lighting a match that is causing a war!

A lesson in all this is to know your own place, and when you act as a Military with your might and power, and when you behave in a civilian role, with grace and favor, and humility. The officer in question at the event reacted like a true gentleman and behaved gracefully, whilst his superiors are now behaving like insane animals on the loose, pitching for a fight.

Guess who is loving all this on the sidelines, the MR camp. They have been waiting for an event like this as their wings have been clipped and the Military has given him the ammunition, to fight their RACIST cause to the utmost.

Of course we have a paralyzed Govt. with no one having a back bone to face this RACIST propaganda, and I just ask you to go on FB and see the anti NAZEER words being used, which are not personal to him at ALL but to the whole Muslim community as a whole, that is showing immense patience whilst this is taking place, but seething under about this gross exaggeration of this incident.

They are plotting their counter attack, and the foolish Sinhala Racist nuts will not know what hit them, as it will be ever so subtle, affecting their stomach and they will not know what hit them, perhaps never, as it is ECONOMIC power that will be unleashed that is more powerful than any ban on an already disgraced man from any camp or military function!

What a sad plight our Country has fallen into due to ignorance played out on Social Media. If there was NO video of the event it would not even have been an issue. So remember Social Media is both constructive and deadly!


  1. At least we know the moron Chief Minister made the reactive outburst, who in the Tri Forces made their puerile return shot is still a mystery, and he is hiding behind rank!

    Like you said a contemplative response would have been,

    "We regret that the documents handed to the Naval Officer did not contain the presence of the CM at the event, this resulted in him not being recognized at the event."

    What a classically dead pan and civilized reply would that be, that will NOT offend anyone and clear the air. NO our swollen headed high ups, who would only be low downs if not for their rank, have chosen otherwise, to be the same educational level as the CM.

  2. The reason the Tri-Forces had to take action was that sec. Def said "no complaint received"

    Also people who see this as a race issue including this author is also falling to the "Race-Trap"


    More on why the Ti forces MUST keep out of this spat to preserve their dignity and independence from Political interference