Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Enough is enough, let us get rid of the mob from Parliament!

We need a beautiful May Mal revolution to overthrow the derelicts of our society also known as MPs in Parliament, all 225 of them.

The only answer to this joke of those who can’t even get a job as a security guard, (Sarath Fonseka) included, to say nothing of WW or MR, is to change the whole system.

Currently those who cannot get a job anywhere do their utmost to get into parliament and 225 succeed in fooling the electors to get in, and the couple of thousand hopefuls who don’t, just have to lick their wounds and hope they get lucky another day.

When the Lal Wijenayake committee on the constitution went around the Country, and asked the people what they were really concerned about was the “ABUSE OF POWER BY THE POLITICIANS” this theme rang through all the related problems, and ONLY if this is eliminated can we reclaim this land for its citizens.

Citizens you have lost control of your destiny to those who have lied to you to get into parliament. They now cannot even behave like normal citizens who have to keep the peace they brawl on the sacred Parliament well, thus relinquishing their moral right to serve us. Did I say serve? Actually they are under the impression that they rule us, and so it goes on.

I just found out that the enhanced vehicle permit for US$62,500 that a parliamentarian is entitled to is now being sold for Rs40M and the MP is not obliged to declare and pay tax on this windfall. That is a gross violation of their promise to serve, as it is an entitlement to steal that they have just exercised by that action.


None will be permitted to get re-elected. Only people GENUINELY wishing to serve the Country for 5 years, the maximum period we can expect someone to give of his life for his Country, as he has to take care of himself and his family, and so it is a work like balance that is acceptable to the voting public as well as the best of the land who will give of themselves, expecting nothing unusual in return except the gratitude of the people, which is ALL that a genuine, patriot would need in life. So let us all get together and fight for justice within our leadership, justice within our new Constitution and as the Constitution is a contact with the people this Contract MUST INCLUDE THIS CLAUSE.

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  1. Agree, Let's chase them out of the sacred place!