Sunday, May 1, 2016

The “ESSENCE” of the “POLITICAL” MAY DAY – a game where success is determined by who is able to fool the most!

REMEMBER – in Politics especially, there are two distinct factions, namely those who “want to mislead and would go to any length to do so” as they have a personal agenda far ahead of the common good, and those who are MISLED! (lambs to slaughter, hoping for crumbs to fall from the table and therefore follow their master)  

There are some in the middle, who want to get to being the leaders of the misleading group, who have to play the game unwillingly at first, and then get the fever from which they will NEVER be able to cure themselves. They are the one for whom politics is the only ticket to life, not being able to do anything else, the society dropouts!

SO now let me be specific. The President has laid down the gauntlet as the Chairman of the SLFP, who has restructured his Organizers, and said you have to show by numbers that we are the legitimate SLFP and Mahinda is just a shadow of himself making his last hurrah, spending some of the loot to try and buy people to his rally, to mislead the people.

In turn, these hapless Organizers, caught between a rock and hard place, have to resort to the worst type of cunning to drag reluctant people, to a demonstration, that is SO LAST CENTURY by all kinds of enticements, be they money, alcohol, future favors, false promises and the like. This herd, who come are what I have termed above, as the MISLED, and the Organizers with the hapless responsibility, as those described above, who are aspiring to in the ranks of the misleaders! Make NO bones about it, there is NO difference with the UNP or JVP, but the JVP has a brainwashed core who come out of a different passion, that includes a more disciplined target, but without the muscle to do anything but make their voice heard, but incapable of any action.

There are two fashion parades, one within the individual rallies, with those organizers vying to show off their strength in numbers of BOUGHT bodies, and the other fashion show between parties, for bragging rights to be the most numerous of them all.

You can be assured that in BOTH fashion shows, its all about exaggerated numbers, that the media merely spout, and the Police fearing their own space being compromised, giving confirmation of false numbers, so that their bogus level of success in keeping the peace is publicized.

There is an added set of falsity, namely the MEDIA who also make it a point to keep this day as an important day in their calendar, to show by way of pictures that LIE, to fool the reading public into believing a further set of false numbers.

Then I forgot the party benefactors, who have spent their money, in the hope of future favors, to enrich themselves at the expense of the public, who have paid for saris, caps, T shirts, banners, placards, floats, buses, lunches, water bottles, booze and bribes!

Let me tell them that most of what they spent was wasted or purloined, as the exaggerated numbers DID NOT COME! and no one is willing to tell you the truth.

This is a profit making venture for the low level organizers, who will pocket these and then some, and one wonders what happened to the 500 saris that were not worn by one leaders team, because they did not bring the promised number of women!

IN effect Prime Minister, and President, you have grossly exaggerated your strength and power, please don't mislead the public as you have a duty to them. I am convinced you are better than that Traitor Rajapakse, but that does not absolve you from Treason!

Readers just think about it! It does NOT have to be business, as usual, we can change this political culture for the betterment of our People, Join in adding your voice to the voiceless, for the sake of the future of your motherland, wherever you may live at present.

The Intelligentsia within the brood above who justify their logic, as only through politics that we can change this country! YAH RIGHT this is what they have said for 70 years, and we have yet to see an improvement to the quality of life in comparative terms of the bottom 50% of majority of our nation. AKA We have failed, the system has to change to succeed.


  1. Actually this blog entry MUST be read along with the following one, for it to make logical sense, as to why the author has come to these conclusions, made from public perception, and NOT his own opinion!