Thursday, May 5, 2016

When RASTHIYADUKARAYAS get elected this is what you MUST expect

The shambolic behavior of those in the House of Parliament on Tuesday must make all MPs ashamed; firstly for themselves being part and parcel of that mob, and secondly for entertaining such of their ilk as their colleagues. As they have shown NO shame, and also that the findings resulted in barely an admonishment, says a lot for discipline in Parliament and HENCE IN THE COUNTRY as the people take their CUE from Parliament about behaving in public.

If a crime has been committed, and it is NOT punished is it any WONDR? That our people are most likely to commit all sorts of crimes with impunity! Is it any surprise then that as a society we are now MORALLY BANKRUPT? And who do we have to blame for this, no one else but those in Parliament who seem to set the example for the rest of us?

It is not a chicken and egg situation here, the bad eggs are hatched in Parliament the resulting chicken the people reflect this. WE NEED WHOLESOME EGGS.

Is there any more proof needed over what I have been going on about for years in this blog, that we need a sea change in the way things are done?

No, we don’t need any more proof, the people have already overwhelmingly said that MOST of the Country’s problems result from the behavior and example of our elected leaders who continue to abuse power. If so the only way they can NOT abuse their power, is that they NO LONGER get the status of people’s representatives, and be cast aside in favor of others.

If they are the worst from our society then, replacing them with ANYONE else MUST BE better for Sri Lanka. It is simple logic like this that will persuade all the people that the only solution is to have people represent us, who ONLY do so for ONE term, so they don’t abuse their position to remain.

Only then will people of a better caliber represent us. People like street cleaners who can opine about topics nearest to their heart, such as recycling will add common sense to the debate and enact laws immediately that will solve a pressing problem, that so far has even been ignored by all Parliaments to date.

I am using one example to make a point, but we can have teachers, nurses, counselors, farmers, small time traders, shop keepers, all who have a lot to contribute to making laws that are of absolute necessity. The current species is full of extinct notions of reality! TIME FOR CHANGE  

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