Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The May Day rallies did NOT resolve political uncertainties, just created more.

NO matter what spin, the Govt. puts on it, the reality is that MR still has sufficient imbeciles who follow him, and are willing to carry this country to hell along with them. Ironically the vast majority of the UPFA, Pradeshiya Sabha Members are included in this motley collection and showed their solidarity.

True to form, they are the ones who have contributed to the carpet bombing of Sri Lanka, and who wish to continue to carpet bomb, until the Country is completely destroyed, and MR is their ally, as REMEMBER they believe that his return will allow them to take what they have hitherto NOT been able to grab. This is the whole ethos driving this MOB, as frankly they DON’T have any policy agenda, but to return to the past method, of borrowing silly and pocketing, until NO ONE is willing to lend.

The problem that the Sri Lankan populace does not realize, and we have sadly come to regret, are some of the covenants signed by the MR govt. cannot be reversed, and so a return of an MR administration, will see the wholesale disposal of Sri Lanka to the highest bidder, as that WILL be the only method of raising more funds to plunder.

Please understand that Yahapalanaya is anathema to these people, who will reverse ALL the progress we have made, and trust me progress in Governance takes a generation to show results. Plunder and distribution of goodies, is instantaneous, which a traitor like MR understands only too well. Yes he is a good politician who knows that it is best to keep the people uneducated, so he can fool them all the time and that is also called democracy!

The biggest fault of this Govt. is they have given the jobs for the boys, and these boys are not competent enough to even be a security guard, as they will either be sleeping on the job, or be drunk on the job. So until this govt. hands the reigns to the competent people (there are enough and more of them) to enact their policies, the general public will not understand where the real fault lies.

The President and PM mean well. The bunch of invertebrates working for them, and in Parliament just don’t cut the muster. All I can do is to hope they understand this NOW, and take immediate action to correct this by beginning with engaging the worlds best PR people who live in Sri Lanka, to communicate all of the above to the MASSES in a language they truly really understand. We can’t help that there are 2million rogues in this Country and to a fault they will follow their ROGUE leader, MR and his family, but there are 20 million others, who NEED TO BE and MUST be persuaded of the alternative. They MUST get their act together to save mother Lanka from permanent destruction.    

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  1. MR s rally was the biggest in numbers by far see link:


    to realize what a Hitler we have in him!