Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The level of protection given to all and sundry requires a complete overhaul

The State spends billions of rupees, most of which it borrows, to provide security for VIPs where there are probably over 1,000 VIPs and hence there is a permanent carder of about 10,000 people permanently providing protection. Then when you add the vehicles, food, allowances, and training it all adds up to about the cost of a medium sized hospital every year.

YES A MEDIUM SIZED HOSPITAL and there is a scramble at the moment to provide a PET scanner for the Cancer Hospital in Maharagama, and we the public are asked to contribute because you the state is broke, and the Health Budget does not allow it. These Police, STF, and Three Forces security MUST be drastically cut. If only you knew that the Army Commander of Sri Lanka has a massive guard, where there are less people trying to get him, than the beggar on the cross road! That is how funny this whole charade is.

The link is a must read for intelligent people to really understand how limited the mindset of the people who are being provided security is. If they were truly intelligent they will refuse any security, as I don’t believe there is anyone other than at most 10 people who need some kind of security, in a Country, where the real security need is for innocent people who are completely crushed under the campaign of intimidation performed by the local mafias of each area.

I will elaborate on the real needs for security from persecution in a later blog entry, as it is insidious and swept under the carpet as many in high authority benefit from this lack of basic rights that the majority of the Country suffer from.

To go back to the main gist of my argument, we must seriously analyze the security risk, using modern security threat analyses and use cheaper electronic means to provide real security which these wannabe types use for show, displaying their inadequacies in the open, and fooling many by an illusory level of importance provided by brain dead hunks who only intimidate, and are given a status far beyond their worth.

As in all cases where change is needed, we need leadership from the top to identify areas of corrective action, and take the necessary steps to implement them. However our leaders do not have the vision to understand these basic improvements as they are still numbed by the belief that their worth is ONLY extended, and expanded by this show of power, that has NO basis in fact. 

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