Wednesday, May 25, 2016

It’s all the fault of our Education system – they have not been taught to behave!

The Eastern Province Chief Minister’s outburst at the compere for not recognizing him and bringing him up to the podium, is simply a sign of the lack of education of our politicians for their job. This is akin to a street cleaner being given a position, and when he is not recognized for his position, the only thing that makes him stand out from the crowd, he goes berserk, PURE AND SIMPLE!

When a human being does not have a chip on their shoulder, they can stand on their own feet, and don’t need anyone to do it for them. This can only be taught at a young age, say about 3 or 4, and no matter what degree you have, the chip you grow up with and NOT GROWN OUT OF due to this lack of proper early education, you get this kind of riff raff littering our top jobs.

It was therefore laughable when this joker of a Chief Minister, blames the Governor for not having introduced him to the compere, who probably did not recognize him. In an analogy, if Dudley Senanayake was in the audience, and he was not recognized, he would have quietly remained there, COMPLETELY UNAFFECTED and not made a play to get on stage at ANY COST!

I know this issue has taken FB by storm, for the WRONG reasons, because it is using the fact that he scolded a Naval Officer. It does not matter who he scolded, he should not have scolded, and the fact that he was a Naval Officer would MAKE NO DIFFERENCE!

Step back and think of the background, breeding, education and class of the person in question, he has nothing of this, he is just a CRASS joker, who for some mistake of birth happened to be given this position for the wrong reasons!

Worse when he maintains he has to delicately balance the various conflicting parties made up of religions and races and languages and political parties. What a load of cobblers. They are all Sri Lankans and it SHOULD NOT MATTER what if any of these they come from. ALL MUST BE TREATED with equal respect IN SRI LANKA, and let even FB be put on notice that many of the contributors from Sri Lanka, don’t hold a truly inclusive opinion of the people who live in Sri Lanka, and are entitled to the privileges of being resident here.

So readers, put aside petty differences in the best interest of the Country, and put yourself at the back of the queue and this Country will prosper.

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