Friday, May 13, 2016

President blew a great chance to impress, but giving a poor speech!

I was willing the President on to give a game changing speech, in keeping with his groundbreaking victory in a Presidential Election in January 2015, simply on this mandate, namely to stamp out or do as much as is practical to eliminate corruption, by gradually instituting Good Governance Practices and Legislation, in arriving at this goal.

HE IS THE ONLY LEADER there elected purely on this promise, so he has the MORAL authority to take the INITIATIVE in this regard.

I blame not him, but the useless, lazy, incompetent staff who have been assigned to write the speech for him. If I find out who he is I will lynch him for treason! He was given a unique opportunity to put our President on an International Pedestal, and he blew it royally! Was it pure ignorance, lack of education, working for the joint opposition, or what!

For a text of his speech see link below:

These are few of the reasons why Sri Lanka does not perform to its full potential due to inadequacies of its public servants, or staffers of the President or High Commission! We should be ready to get maximum advantage in the world stage, when we can, instead of being pilloried due to the inability of our public servants and elected legislators, to counter the misconceptions of our actions and policies in the past. Some of which we are still struggling to overcome and move on.

If The UK who have attracted trillions of corruption proceeds (that have made these corrupt people even richer thanks to the ten-fold increase in property prices since these funds WITH NO QUESTIONS asked came into the UK Banking system) has the gall to host the summit, we have every right, in fact more a right to upstage the UK in taking the leadership from a mandate in anti-corruption legislation.

I trust my readers will understand, that we missed this opportunity, as we just don’t get the importance of what the democratically elected government received both in the January 2015 election of the President who overthrew a dictatorship thought to be impossible to topple, and reinforced by the General Election of August 2015 rubber stamping the earlier mandate with its seal of approval.

In conclusion, Sri Lanka was the only Country which had mandated by public plebiscite to outlaw corruption, but failed to capitalize on this unique chance at the Anti Corruption Summit in London. - I REST MY CASE 

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  1. UK Admits that corrupt people have bought property in the UK for years, how many? over 100,000 that is staggering