Monday, May 2, 2016

MR Predicts his arrest! About time too for “yahapalanaya” to work

For a traitor who does not believe he has done anything wrong, it is easy to sound as if there is a conspiracy to accuse some innocent person of wrongs committed by others!

It is NO WONDER then that the former President MR continues to plead innocence in the fact of overwhelming evidence of the extravagant use of State Funds for personal profligacy. The latest being the Govt. cancelling the special in-flight suite so he can ride in comfort on a Sri Lankan Airlines Plane. If that issue alone is enough to implicate this man, when he took over the Airline and then mismanaged it to such an extent that every person in this Country is further in debt by over Rs30,000 ONLY ON ACCOUNT OF SRI LANKAN is an indictment for treason, if ever there was one! YES due to this one SOE, EVERY SRI LANKAN CITIZEN is further indebted by Rs 30,000.

How can this man pass this blame onto someone else. It is he whose pomposity was piqued when Hill of Sri Lankan refused to accede to his request that he with much fanfare and public adulation took over the Airline as his private property and now we have the evidence of this MEGA FRAUD.

We the public find it hard that the Govt. has taken so long to find the evidence to prosecute this family for treating this Country as their personal fiefdom, and who continue to fool the masses by their statements that appeal to a grossly uneducated public, and by uneducated I mean even people  like GL Peiris who continue to sing his praises, blinded by the force of personality, where reason and logic seems to have fallen by the wayside, casting him to the wolves!

There is a substantial public who wish to see Justice done, and believe the Govt. has a pact to protect MR from his heinous crimes, just because there are a bunch of losers who cannot see the wood from the trees, and continue to back him for ulterior and personal motives quite removed from civic duty and patriotism, which MR turned into a dirty word, to refer to traitors, and so by definition, the traitors he referred to were the true patriots.

Where do we go from here? The only recourse the Govt. is to do its utmost to simply explain the waste and debt that was piled during the Rajapakse years that more than outweigh ANY hand he had in winning the conflict, for which we all contributed more than the call of duty, but remain unsung, due to our modesty, that still remains, unlike the arrogance of ex-leaders who cannot be gracious! 

There is going to be a fight, until people of all walks of life are able to see that this is NOT retribution, but merely the use of the Law to prosecute treachery!

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