Sunday, May 22, 2016

NO NEEDS ASSESSMENT from flood and landslides! – Grama Niladaris still living in 1916 with quill pens!

Not one of the GNs in this Flood and Earthslip disaster had a list of their people with PHONE numbers. That is of all people, with a blank where there was NO number at the time of enumeration. NO wonder then that those who don’t even know to use a laptop are the Govt’s main representatives at the local level, who should provide this data to authorities immediately a disaster occurs, to account for all the people and then make a needs assessment for assistance without delay.

There is STILL NO assessment of the true consequence of the flood, something which should have been at the table of the President 5 days ago. Needless to say that not one MP in parliament had the grey matter to ask this question of the relevant ministry in Parliament! This then has resulted in a waste of 100,000 lunch packets yesterday, Vesak that even the animal population could not partake in!

When the MPs were busy fooling the people, they are professional people foolers! With photos on FB showing them delivering food to the not so needy, as the needy are far too difficult to access! They should have been TRULY ASSESSING NEED that is their job, not playing Santa Claus.

NEEDS ASSESSMENT IS VITAL BEFORE CHARITY IS HANDED over, as we know from prior disasters like the Tsunami, where those in real need were left out and those in NO NEED were handsomely rewarded! When will they ever learn. Again it is simply the system that is wrong, as it is administered by people who don’t have any knowledge in organization, and do not know how to handle any situation. A simple procedure outlines above would make sure that within hours, those in need were fully cared for, and we would not be in a chaotic situation, where every one who can get publicity was giving themselves publicity at the expense of the suffering of thousands.

How utterly disgusting is that? GN should be ready for a disaster with the data, for others to act on them, even if he does not have a mobile phone to call with!

Let’s begin tomorrow, ask all GNs to prepare a list by hand, and they can use the electoral register to begin with and include all in households that are NOT already on the list and get a number for each every one, leaving blank those who don’t have a number. Those currently overseas could be so noted. This list can be computerized within a month, and can be used through a central depository if a disaster strikes and we need to take stock of the affected. Govt. servants with job titles and dept. or ministry or forces they are with can be so noted too.

The divisional secretary can be entrusted with the responsibility of this job being done properly and timely, and computerizing the relevant data with the over staffing that currently in place with graduates without tasks to undertake! 

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