Friday, May 6, 2016

Parliament GONE MAD and the Speaker is part of this shambles!

Read this little bed time story my long suffering blog readers~

Once upon a time there was a Parliament of mental retards in an Island in the Country “In the middle of the Diyawanna River”(ITMOTDR for short). This Country had the longest name of all Countries in the world, as they wanted to be famous for something other than being “mental retards”.

They decided to play a game called Good Governance, because a dragon called Mahinda had ruled mercilessly for 10 years and treated the Country as his own, and spent the Country’s money as his own, and did not consult the retards in Parliament of ITMOTDR. So for good measure ITMOTDR decided that from now on Parliamentary approval was required even if an MP was to purchase a car! (Well that is not funny as it is in this Country that to live in an Island they wanted SUVs that if bought without permits would cost more than Rs100M! but the MPs sell their permit for Rs40M and don’t pay tax on that profit!)

So on May 5th 2016, there was a vote to approve a supplementary estimate of Rs55M, in a Country where the monthly cost of maintaining an MP costs that same amount! When the vote was taken first it was 33 for and 31 against, with the Govt. having only a majority of 2. It was found wanting a count was requested and this turned out to be 31 votes each, or a TIE.

SO next morning ALL hell broke loose. Papers CRIED out the Govt. was saved by a TIE, and then the Secretary General of the Parliament, the poor man tasked with keeping these retards incarcerated was hauled up and asked to explain, with the Joint Opposition, baying for blood demanding he resign, as they needed something to prove to their constituency that they were doing something to distract the people from their thievery being exposed.

So the speaker this morning appoints yet another committee of 4 to investigate this TIE, bad enough only two days ago there was a brawl of retards, which also resulted in another committee tasked with investigating and reporting back the next day as to who was to blame. That resulted in a literal wrap on the knuckles of the baby retards, as if they will understand what that means, and actually think that they are the new leaders of the Country now that they have been wrapped!

While the hapless people of ITMOTDR have further been burdened by the Private Hospitals increasing their channeling fees to pay down the public debt, also known as cost of maintaining the retards in Parliament, they continue to engage in frivolity unable to count to 33 let alone tell the people the TRUTH!


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