Thursday, November 29, 2012

When Kangaroos take over parliament they make the rules to suit them

In a clear act to stamp his authority on proceedings, the Speaker has just ruled that

“Any outside entity (even the Supreme Court or even the President!) has NO authority over the Speaker, Parliament or any committee appointed by him.”

So we are firmly wedged in a Banana Republic where thugs and people who are subjected to being paid off to switch allegiances can overturn the will of the people as the Government maintains that ALL the people in Parliament by virtue of the Constitution are executing the will of the People.

The intelligent observer knows the truth in such an assumption, as the Parliament now constituted, both as a result of an unconstitutional amendment, namely the 18th Amendment, and a further bastardizing rule by the Supreme Court permitting MPs to switch sides after being elected from one party, DOES not reflect the will of the PEOPLE.

In short the Speaker has ruled that people, some of whom have prostituted themselves in the face of threats and intimidation, (no different to prostitutes) have total sway over the conduct of the nation. What option have the people of Sri Lanka got, after the Parliament has usurped the rights of the Judiciary in this shameful manner?

They have no option but to defy the ruling of the Parliament. If they impeach the Chief Justice for instance, it is the duty of the Lawyers, along with the Public to refrain from hearing any cases. It is the duty of the Govt. servants to withdraw their service. In short it is the duty of the people of this country to show that THEY, not parliament are supreme.

The problem with that is when one has a dictatorship with all the powers that go with it, including a heavily armed security force, who will kill on order, we may have to witness mass scale slaughter of the innocents before order is restored and people’s will is re instated.

The Govt. has illiterate people on their side, as they cannot read between the lines of the actions taken by the state, they do not posses powers of reasoning, and by keeping the people of Sri Lanka in a state of trickery and duplicity, the needed change will be slow, painful, and involve heavy sacrifice amongst those seeking justice, before sense prevails and the Govt. desists and surrenders to the will of the people.

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