Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Behavior of a low life (no conscience) called Azwer

A turncoat parliamentarian Azwer sometimes deputizes in the Speakers chair in the SL parliament for want of anyone else willing to moderate in the speaker or deputy speaker’s absence. (a turncoat in this context is one who gets votes from one political party constituents, but when elected leaves and joins another for his personal whims and profit, while leaving his supporters who gave a mandate for a different set of ideals, high and dry)

This time he had allotted 5 more minutes for a maiden speech by Tiran Alles who hitherto had not spoken in parliament since being appointed a National List MP under SF’s DNF. His speech was, like his paper, dedicated just to a personal attack on the leader of the opposition and rightly Ranil requested time for a rebuttal as is normal.

Ranil has been in parliament for nearly 40 years, and knows more about parliamentary privilege than anyone else in Parliament and to be shooed off by Azwer was off base. If such decrepit vermin can assume such a chair, God knows what else we have in store for us. RW rightly has protested to the Speaker about this event and we are still awaiting a ruling or statement.

I am not knowledgeable on Parliamentary Privilege, but when turncoats spend their time abusing the leader of the Party from whence they came, took advantage of, and more than likely gagged the person who helped (in this case Azwer) to get to this place in the first instance is very bad procedure. Sadly the Government benches are full of such scum, who have been helped financially and in many ways to get to where they currently are and who now resort to slinging mud at the very person who they let down. To mention a few names in this Johnston Fernando, Earl Gunasekera, Lakshman Seneviratne come to mind. If they happen to read this and have even an iota of conscience in their heart, should at least apologize to the person they have abused, before they meet their maker.

It is this lack of conscience amongst our lawmakers who seem to think that pig headedness and lack of scruples is a virtue that has resulted in this state of wonton lawlessness.

It is time that people with opinions are given an airing so that issues can be debated fairly and minds made up according to one’s own conscience.

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