Sunday, November 25, 2012

Is it any wonder? In SL even the Police say you are guilty until you can prove your innocence!!!

If this is the proof one needed it is simply slam dunk evidence. After all when the Chief Justice of Sri Lanka, proceeded to Parliament on the 23rd as requested/ordered by the PSC, the usually upright police who even salute street thugs who they take orders from, DID NOT salute her. Apparently it is customary to salute judges and so not saluting was noted as a direct order from above to desist.

The police force in Sri Lanka which is notorious for beating up arrested people until a confession is made, have a remarkably lopsided view of justice. One just wonders how many innocent people are convicted once they give confessions for crimes they did not commit just to save themselves from a savage beating.

Using this logic, is our CJ going to face the same music? We now know for a fact that none of the 117 MPs that signed the impeachment motion, actually knew what they were signing as the motion itself had not been drafted at the stage the govt. obtained signatures.

How anyone can justify such tactics must seem surprising to the uninitiated, but it is standard practice of dispensing justice in Sri Lanka especially for the poorer sections of the community who cannot get legal representation to save their butts.

One hopes that in time, the members of the PSC will rise to the occasion and the Government appointees drop their kangaroo clothes and change to a more legalistic mode, giving way to due process, to ensure that there is no stone unturned to ensure fair play. Whilst the proceedings an in camera right now, they will become public one day, and we can only hope that history will be kind to the members of the PSC, especially those doing the beck and calling of the Executive to have dispensed justice fairly before they come up with a verdict.

It now appears, that whatever course the SC adopts, if it is against the impeachment, then it is likely the Speaker will overrule its recommendations and continue with the process, and find the CJ guilty and she will be so declared by Parliament. I don’t know what will happen then. The GOSL will then have to answer to all action from that point. So help me GOD.

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