Thursday, November 22, 2012

Today – A Red letter day in History – Our citizens don’t even know it!

It is ironic that in the land of the lotus eaters, their future is being determined today, and 99.9% of the citizens don’t even know about it. Do they wish to know? That too is a moot point!

The Supreme Court today will hear the arguments for and against in one of the most important if not THE MOST IMPORTANT DECISION they have had to face. The petition to dismiss a clearly biased PSC from hearing the Impeachment Case, which is clearly unconstitutional in Local and International Precedence as it has not been tested yet.

The Chief Justice by virtue of the Impeachment motion cannot hear the case, but whoever the other judges are of the Supreme Court are, in full court, will have to make a decision whether the Government can at will, make a case because of a particular judgment(s) go against their wishes, to impeach a judge who in this case is the CJ. If they say yes they can. Then by virtue of the procedures adopted and in place for authoritarian rule, we have fallen into the “abyss’’ from where we are unlikely to rise.

“We are dealing with the Otto Adolf Eichmann view of the law. In his defence, when he was tried by a court in Israel, Eichmann, a German Nazi SS lieutenant colonel, took up the position that in Germany whatever the Fuhrer ordered was the law.” 

It will be a while for us to extricate ourselves from this Nazi. After all Hitler’s Nazi party’s real name was the “National Socialist German Workers Party” – Did you know that? The Parallels are eerie. “The Moustache uncanny.” The fake exterior and dressing up for effect all too familiar.

The party came into power with overwhelming people’s support, and like pied piper we know how it ended. Do we want a future of Sri Lanka with this in mind?

Citizens of Sri Lanka rise and recognize tyranny before you know it has overwhelmed you and you do not know how to react, outgun, and overcome! The tyrants don’t realize they are such. They think they are saviours. So it needs common sense, knowledge of history, self confidence in doing what is right, ability to galvanize the people, and above all a guiding hand from an Almighty looking after one’s own morality to eviscerate this scourge!!


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