Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Murder of the murderers – that is called SL justice

In my blog entry here on November 14th I highlighted the issue of inexplicable killings during or after the prison riot recently at the main Welikada Prison in Colombo.

The issue is now getting front and center stage and questions remain. In typical fashion the HRC appointed to investigate can begin their interview work once the CID finishes theirs. What were they doing? Were they ensuring that the prisoners were told that if they give evidence against the Security Forces, that they would have longer sentences, and vice versa?

That is the problem in Sri Lanka. There is no law. Once the law is broken with impunity, then all the courses of justice are also closed to us as the witnesses and evidence has been tampered with. This colossal disregard for the rule of law by the Administration, then prevents ANY investigation from proceeding. Ask any head of commission appointed to investigate any tragedy and the list of barriers will have no end.

What makes the jail massacre even more macabre is that we have timelines on when people were alive and when the riot action was quelled and there is overwhelming evidence that many were simply killed after the end of the riot. I do not know if innocents were killed or those directly responsible for the riot. However it does not matter a damn if they were one or another, it was simply done on orders of a superior who has to be answerable to someone else as the soldiers were obeying orders, and they do so with the threat of their income so they are hardly likely to squeal to an inquiry.

There was an excellent editorial in today’s Lakbima Newspaper about the  issues involved, bemoaning the lack of public interest in this behavior or public outcry. It is an indication that public apathy has given way to an increasingly authoritarian regime doing as they please. It is also sad that there are so many people following orders without question, as they are either blinded by the fact that they are doing wrong, or that they just do not have any body to turn to for safety, ensuring an increase in such acts of violence, where there will be NO limit.

A post script on November 26th  further report in Lakbima see below for link

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