Friday, December 28, 2012

A Nation does not even pass a comment on insanity!

A front page of a paper yesterday clearly stated that the President offered the services of his personal physician to Hugo Chavez who was recovering in a Cuban hospital after undergoing treatment for Cancer. This was not a joke, but a very serious statement made in all honesty!!

You must be kidding!! We know that this person is a Charlatan, and the butt of jokes in this country, but no one dared to question the mental faculties of a person who can without humor make such a statement. He has by the use of steroids ruined people’s health, and as in the case of these drugs shown short term relief for long term disaster. So to offer to kill your friend is tantamount to taking part in murder and I am glad that Chavez had the good sense to ignore the call, pretending it was never made.

This is the state of the state in SL. As it is the state of fear or frailty of the populace who either do not care or are of a similar disposition so as not to raise their voices in shock horror, is what is troubling.

No wonder therefore that whilst the rest of the world understands the mind of persons in such a delusional state, the people in this country fail to do so. It boils down to the education and knowledge of the people which does not permit them to rationalize good from evil, and right from wrong.

It is this intrinsic basic concept that a whole nation seems unaware of. When the truth is pointed out they feign ignorance, for fear of being outed as a dimwit. It is a truly sorry situation to be confronted by.

In a country, when a person is revered to such a degree, that he can do no wrong, say no wrong and get away with wrong, those who are willing to accept this state of affairs have a huge debt to pay to humanity, when the truth finally comes out. They cannot then state that they did not know, and are ashamed of making such a big mistake. The signs are there, and they can clearly be seen, but due to some form of denial on their part the inability to accept what is fact, is what has permitted so many fool so many people on a daily basis in this country.

Despite the warnings on Pyramid schemes, people still submit to it. From the warnings of unauthorized money lenders, people still pursue them. From myths propagated by sects, people believe them and hence the situation is too dire for comfort.

What do you think? IS this just hallucinations of my part or a real wake up call to the public that we are permitting the rape of this country to those who possibly need to be confined to four walls! 

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