Sunday, December 2, 2012

6 more years – in theory only

The UNP Leader stamped his authority in no uncertain terms on the proceedings at their 54th Convention on 1st December 2012, at the Party’s Headquarters at Sirikotha.

In an unusual turn of events, everything happened before time and even the proceedings finished well before time, if not for the insistence of Ravi Karunanayake who had brought his cheering squad, and wanted to give them something more to applaud. In fact I personally feel that if he had not made his speech, which really was an afterthought, even though during the sessions he was continually making notes of what to say, it would have been better for his image and that of the party. He sounded like sour grapes, after the roaring applause that Sajith Premadasa, who rose to the occasion and delivered a request that the next Presidential be contested by no other than the Leader of the Party and if that happens to be Ranil, it should be RW and if it happens to be him, it should be him and him alone! No ifs and buts!

So that settled, SP’s constant referrals to him being the son of R Premadasa gave him no favors, as it implied that he was there only due to that fact alone, and not for any special particular ability on his part, apart from oratory, a stark contrast to RW’s pedigree, matched with a stellar record, except in elections, stacked against a Rajapakse. It was this referral to being the ‘son of’ that irked, RK who was clear to say he was not a son of anyone, but there on his own merits, having also been at over 300 rallies, to Sajith’s 200 odd. Instead of allowing SP to stand or fall on his own record, RW tried to undermine it only to sound ungrateful, spiteful, and ended a classic victory for RW with an unnecessary sour aftertaste that he will pay for.

The magnitude of the victory for RW on both his radical plan, and the 6 year extension of his term, was added to by SPs vehement third issue, that RW has received the endorsement from the UNP that it should be him, under the Elephant symbol that UNP should contest the Presidential Election, if he remains the leader at that time.

A week is a long time in politics. I do not believe RW will hold on for 6 years, if he loses the next Presidential Election, for which he is now the undisputed contestant. His minders will have to make a sincere effort of showing the people the difference between an outward showoff of no inner merit, with one who is both the same inside and out. He is certainly too modest to do so, as compared with MR. You get what you pay for or pay for what you get!! There are no surprises.

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