Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Army intervention in Jaffna on a Civil matter – another cause for National Shame

The recent attack on University Students in Jaffna, by the Army is regretted and the GOSL must tender an apology to the students and release the 4 people still held for questioning as they must either be charged or released.

This kind of bombastic behavior by Army personnel in the North gives all the ammunition needed for people outside the country to show why the GOSL cannot be trusted and why the world MUST watch the behavior of the regime towards its own citizens. We in Sri Lanka don’t want that do we?

The students were commemorating the dead and they may be Tamil and perhaps even LTTE, but human beings anywhere have a right to commemorate the dead, even their parents, on a day they may so chose and hold a candlelight vigil. Traditionally a vigil of this sort is known as the most peaceful of protests and the fact that they were attacked, threatened and worse beaten up and remanded is beyond the pale.

How can we believe what we wish to believe that the Army is incapable of killing 40,000 people in the past two weeks of the hostilities, when 300,000 were saved? I ask you if peaceful people are attacked, I dread to think how armed and warring people must have been treated.

Hey you high ups in the Army please do not let the rest of the country down by your bumptious behavior. It earns no friends anywhere and you boss Gota sounds like a racist pig, who will attack Tamils even in peace time. Do not get to that state for the sake of really Patriotic Sri Lankans, and not bogus Patriots. You are certainly not if this behavior is any indication of the past and neither is your boss.

We in Sri Lanka are doing our best to put a brave face to the rest of the world and your actions further put this chance back, and it affects all our countrymen. The Army senior who attacked the Editor of the Uthayan must be ashamed of himself, and should be interdicted, to make sure it does not recur and others do not follow his despicable example. It is time the Army is confined to barracks, and only be taken out when they go home on leave in civilian clothing without arms. Let the Police takeover their role of policing the area, I am sure they are capable of keeping law and order and ensuring that none of the citizens break the law. So your time is up chum. Leave us alone you are surplus to requirements.

Army surplus can be sold to highest bidder! Any takers?

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