Sunday, December 23, 2012

All Editorials to a fault concentrate on the main issue of the Judiciary

All newspapers other than the Sunday Observer, which has nowhere to go on this issue, concentrate on the anachronism that is the verdict of the PSC and the inconsistencies pertaining to the daily pronouncement of the President at different fora. That is one thing to the Chartered Accountants, when opening their New Building, another to the Newspaper Editors after summoning them to a meeting at Temple Trees and yet another to the gathering at the opening of the new Building of the Minuwangoda Pradeshiya Sabha.

These statements are reflective of a schizophrenic personality or policies of both the President and Government, which in a dictatorship, is one and the same, not being indistinguishable.

It has brought the Country to gutter politics, and still there are cheer leaders for this personage. Not surprising given the misinformation politics and the resulting dynamics of survival in Sri Lanka today.

It is therefore most interesting that for the first time in my memory this President has been challenged by the very same Editors who he was trying to impress a few days ago, but who he managed to totally disgust by arrogance and pomposity, that resulted in this outburst of an unanimous call for reason and common sense, lest we be the laughing stock of the world.

The Underlying meaning of their written word is clear to those who can read between the lines. It may be OK for you to make a fool of yourself, but it is NOT OK to take the Country along with you down the same route, and that Sri Lanka has self respect and integrity that is worth preserving despite its leadership. Put all the Editorials today, side by side and to a fault it was the underlying message.

How perverse can life be? The mere act of taking revenge and teaching a lesson to someone who stood up to authority and bullying, was an act of Political Hara-kiri! In time history books will be written and this act placed at the beginning of the end of the RR Republic. Oh we can’t wait, but patience will rid this country of all the diseases in one go. It is worth the wait for the illness to take its course, and completely work through the body, so that once cured of this near malignant cancer, the country can get a new lease of life. We must rid this place of the curse that is of people who cry Patriotism to strip the land of any value, leaving nothing to posterity.

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