Sunday, January 6, 2013

Parliament is Supreme as a concept and must be affirmed – but not the Parliament of Thugs, Fools, and Derelicts, especially the 117 who signed a blank form on the impeachment resolution. (14 charges inserted later)

The dilemma that is Ranil! He is faced with a huge conflict, owing to the exercise of insane judgments in the past by the Judiciary, (schizophrenically run) which has been the single biggest reason for the demise of the UNP, and the blame solely falling on Ranil W, and the clamoring opposition against the Government being directed at defending this self same judiciary.

Ranil’s personal rationale of taking it out on legal eagles, and letting them stew in their own shit, is not sitting well with the populace, and his own MP’s. His assertion that Parliament is Supreme now sounds old fashioned, but if he DOES NOT stress that, the Sarath Silva judgment gets credibility.

Unfortunately an illiterate populace, and even more illiterate media, who will never understand such basics, are bent on splitting hairs about RW’s stance, and blame him for giving the President a free ride in the impeachment process, and many even have the affront to accuse him of conniving with the President in the current impasse, which he finds amusing.

It is a terrific story for a convoluted spy novel, but we are playing poker with the future of the Country at stake and only one individual understands what it should be for Sri Lanka to regain its rightful place at the top of the world.

No guesses therefore that RW is scheming for Mahinda to eat his own shit, and he is dumbfounded that his own party is obstructing him in doing so.

The game is very simple. Do not challenge the Supremacy of the People as represented by a theoretically democratically elected Parliament. The impeachment process will be handled in the way the Constitution permits, and will be passed by the Govt. with the majority and by Friday, the CJ would be fired. As per the current rules. Then all hell brakes loose!!!

Hey Presto! Who will look a fool dictator and a moron? MR only. That done, and the Judiciary well and truly compromised, all prior judgments of the SC will be challenged. SC will rule against the Govt. and we will discover that the Parliament is incorrectly constituted. All cross-overs will lose their representations and the 18th Amendment declared illegal, and therefore the 17th will automatically be enforceable, with MR effectively being time barred from challenging RW at the next Presidential.

TIME is of the essence, and TIMING is most critical. RW therefore does not want to raise any eyebrows, and let his detractors sling mud mercilessly decrying all his dictats as dictatorial. Trust me he is the only true democrat we have who wishes, to reintroduce democracy to the political fabric of Sri Lanka, no matter what allegations have been laid as to how he runs the party. Eventually when he is proved correct, the electorate first and then the Party will forgive him for being sly and not explaining his plan, lest the enemy will stifle him from achieving his goal.

For the moment let us say, that the conflicting points coming out his spokesman like Tissa Attanayake saying, Parliament is Supreme therefore do not challenge it, and get fooled into going through with SC rulings just yet, and then later forcing Latimer House Principles to dictate how a properly constituted court should act and then accepting the ruling of the Supreme Court when properly constituted, is lost on some biased journalists.

They should not question a system in Sri Lanka that is inherently flawed today, and try to find rationale in a statement made by Tissa Attanayake, but wait for reason to prevail, correct some of the flaws in the system, and then re affirm the true independence of the Legislature from the Judiciary and Executive, where Parliament reigns supreme as a true reflection of the will of the people, something which it is not today in practice, but in theory cannot be legally questioned.

We will then get back to the simple principle as in all democracies that Parliament can make laws, and the Supreme Court merely interpret the laws, with BOTH bodies independent of the other and not tainted as it now is.

Unfortunately until we have enough reasonable people to be able to explain simple concepts, we cannot show the general public what it is we wish to achieve. In truth, because they are unable to make that decision, that they elect representatives, and appoint judges through independent processes, both of which is currently non-existent. So give RW credit for attempting to bequeath a legacy of being a true liberal democrat in an increasingly mindless, violent, lawless state of ruffians, hooligans and murderers disguised as Chief Justices, President’s Counsel, Presidents, Ministers and Members of Parliament. He may be the only true patriot we have left, though I do not wish to use that term, as it now refers only to traitors in Sri Lanka.

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