Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wimal sees ‘GOOD’ in public service employment rising from 800K in 2004 to 1,400K now!!

We are the only country on the face of the Earth where its Cabinet Ministers pat themselves in the back for increasing Public Service Employment. In this case since the Govt. took over from the Ranil Wickremasinghe Govt in 2004, they have increased the non forces, public service carder from 800K which RW had reduced it to, to balance the budget, reduce inflation and manage Balance of Payments, to 1,400K now, when the budget deficit is over Rs1Trillion, Balance of Payments deficit for 2012 at US$10B and inflation back to double digits.

Is there anyone who reads this blog who can approve of this state of affairs? Isn’t it then surprising that we do not have even one member of Govt. being critical? (except for Sarath Amunugama – deputy minister of finance – who said we may have to print money to plug the gap!) is it due to the lack of knowledge of MPs in govt. about what is going on, or is it out of fear of a backlash if they point to the colossal waste, which could be more productively deployed to a ‘human resource starved’ private sector?

Just last week the Wimal who is open to making the most ridiculous statements, that are just swallowed by a fawning if illiterate electorate, made the statement I refer to at the heading, when appointing Govt. servants to permanent grade. This was from the temporary appointments given to Graduates throughout the country (52,000) who were paid a stipend of Rs10,000 a month to warm chairs, who now are being hived off to different ministries as permanent staff at a certain grade. 16,000 are being allocated to the Ministry of Economic Development to distribute the largesse of Divi Neguma estimated at Rs 80B for 2013, but which could be more depending on funds allocated, borrowed and misspent.

We have consigned our citizens into believing “GOOD IS BAD AND BAD IS GOOD” so it will be a huge task for them to re-learn right from wrong and good from bad, a necessary first step before people understand what has happened to them, the country and the state of their finances since this administration took control over matters.

Let’s bring to light instances of rape of national assets, even if it includes waste of time, & procrastination, a hallmark of the Sri Lanka Administrative Service, that is holding back development without responsibility.

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