Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Not another ‘INDEPENDENT’ Commission!

It is now a bad joke when we the gullible public are treated to another taste of the erstwhile brigand trying to slide out of another self created mess, by appointing yet another Independent Commission to look into the veracity of the procedures adopted by the PSC.

After all we were told that the PSC was independent and would objectively review the evidence presented and after due process, arrive at an opinion. Now we are told that, after the huge outcry, the report is likely to be biased, and we need to appoint someone to look into the allegations. So if the President appoints, then as he is biased, as a party to the impeachment motion, no matter what spin his supporters try to put on it, will not arrive at an acceptable evaluation.

Actually, the President does not have any option if he is sensible, but to set aside the report, as being prepared without recourse to proper procedures and throw it out, and with the same vein, throw out the impeachment motion, as being tainted and not worth the paper it is written on, as being inherently flawed. We can then set aside this bad dream of this country being dragged through the mud due to the personal beef one person has with another! It is sad for a whole country to suffer for the sins of a person.

I am sure the outcry arising from the conclusions of a flawed report has woken up the President to answer  these allegations, and this is the most face saving way out for him, who has suffered humiliation at the hands of the learned public, the unlearned not having much direct say on it as yet.

I trust this action will then do away with the need for a debate, a waste of public funds over trivial pursuits and will instead see the CJ exonerated of all charges. We will go on next to a serious debate on the Divi Neguma Bill which is also inherently flawed. I hope allocation of more than one day is given to that, as a day is not sufficient to debate some of the finer points. I hope amendments that are sensible will be made to the bill to ensure that there is accountability and governance in how the funds are distributed and spent. Giving one ministry newly created, the power of administering such a large budget of Rs100B is open to violation and huge scale waste and fraud, and will expect the Govt. to do something concrete to satisfy the agitators that the hitherto wasteful expenditure on Divi Neguma is not repeated. So Mr President please decide not to go ahead with the Impeachment.

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