Monday, December 10, 2012

Another instance of the Pot calling the Kettle black!

It is incredible, if not embarrassing for the President of Sri Lanka who just lynched the CJ in public, to state that “the dignity of the Judiciary should be safeguarded” stated at an event in Minuwangoda of yesmen, when opening the New Pradeshiya Sabha Building there.

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It is the Govt. Press and Media that has singularly defiled the Judiciary these past few days, and for anyone to say that it has no bearing on the President, I would beg to differ. There has been singular criticism of the way the state media has dealt with the issue of the CJs impeachment even before the PSC had concluded their case.

So to go on further and state that “Judges should be of exemplary conduct …..” is to ask the impossible of a nation, government and culture that has been recently reduced to only admiring and being the wrongdoers, crooks and criminals as examples of people to follow, and the rights of honest decent hardworking law abiding citizens have been not just trampled, but steam rolled by dictats and proclamations against all norms of justice.

The administration seems to have forgotten the meaning of ‘due process,’ therefore when a conclusion is reached without due process, it is invalid. So whatever result the Parliament of Sri Lanka adopts from this event, if due process has not been applied, it can at a future date be overturned, even by the same body, in this case a future parliament, which will undoubtedly censure the present body and those who voted in favor, for its biased decision ignoring all norms of Natural Justice.

The citizens of Sri Lanka MUST now learn to analyze these statements of double speak, where the actions and the intentions are at odds, and either determine that Executive President is a liar, who has no intention of telling the truth, or someone who can lie believing it to be the truth, a rare mental condition afflicting a few in this world. Whatever the determination, we must protect the interests of the Citizens of Sri Lanka from undue influence by people not able to stick to their words. Do we want Insanity at the top?

It is time the media rise up from their fear of telling the truth and resort to informing their readership of the list of instances where words and deeds are in conflict, for the reader to make his or her own decision on the truth or lie of any statement, their highest elected citizen of this country makes. 

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