Friday, December 7, 2012

Inquisition instead of an Impeachment – not unusual in a Banana Republic

Surprise surprise! The principles of Natural Justice does not apply to the CJ. I hope she got a good taste of what we have been seeing for so long in this country, especially since MR became President of SL in 2005. No one will argue that justice is dispensed in an AD HOC and predictable way only against those who confront the Administration with its wrongdoings.

So is it any surprise that the 7 sycophants appointed by MR to finish the job by the year end impeach the CJ and appoint a so called yes man, as new CJ to begin the New Year with a more dictatorial authority.

When pages of evidence was given to her in a bundle and asked to explain, she naturally asked for 5 weeks. It was NOT GIVEN. Further it is also presumed in law, that the accuser must prove guilt, not accused prove innocence, especially when the evidence is not forthcoming to the full extent of the accusations.

No wonder then that a learned justice, a PhD no less, has a right call the Kangaroos what they really are and walk out saying she will not deal with a bunch of idiotic bandicoots,  who like penguins have asserted superiority over the Judiciary. It is galling in Sri Lanka that professionals work very hard in every field of activity in Sri Lanka, and they are lauded over by a bunch of bumptious thugs! How can we have any faith in the Legislature?

It is the citizens I grant who elect these penguins or kangaroos, it does not matter what they are, to act on our behalf. Is it that they have completely fooled the electorate by stating half truths and lies to get elected and now show their true colors? When will the electorate learn that they have been had? If they allow this state of affairs to carry on any longer, we will certainly become the predicted failed state, if we have not arrived at that state yet?

I was talking to a professional who is excellent in his field and a dedicated Sri Lankan who has given more to this country than he has received. He was saying when we have to take orders from these goons, who do not know what the law is let alone how to obey the law, and worse take credit for everything I do, I must be a fool to live in this Country and take this shit when I can live just as happily if not more, if I left and would be appreciated, and my contribution, truly recognized for what it is!

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