Friday, December 21, 2012

Shell Shocked – Why no response? To the Court of Appeal Notice

The Court of Appeal (CA) today issued notice on the respondents including the Speaker, not to deliberate on the verdict of the PSC until they have been able to give sufficient explanations on why there has not been a fair hearing.

How will the Govt. react to this huge SLAP IN THE FACE? They have only one course of action. Just say they ignore this and will continue, as Parliament is Supreme and the Court has no business in interfering in a matter that is none of their business. They will say that the FR laws do not apply to parliamentary internal procedures, as otherwise Parliament will be constrained in acting in the best interests of the Citizens of this Country which is the paramount duty of the Constitution, which the Parliament chooses to defend to the hilt.

If they succumb, they have lost the plot, the game and the match. They may as well concede defeat and go home, and more importantly resign, as they have effectively conceded all power to the Courts.

Now no one who has followed my blog will believe I am saying this as this is playing straight into the hands of the egotistical and blindfolded government that seemingly is deaf to the demands of the people.

Well what else can I say? After all if the Court Acts on behalf of the Chief Justice, the court seems to be partial towards the most senior member of the Court, on whom they are now ruling. Actually Law and Precedent, precludes them from coming out with any other verdict, as they are bound to uphold the law as they see it. So they came up with the only verdict they can in the interests of justice.

It will be interesting to see the reaction of the govt. They have a civilized way to argue their point, or a totally perverse way to do so in the ‘ANOMIE’ Led regime that I described in the previous blog. That we are in a state of Anomie will be proved or disproved by this reaction.

I am no lawyer and excuse me if I displayed ignorance of the law in some of the statements made here, but I do so as an interested party, who wishes that Sri Lanka get back onto a path that is fair and reasonable, and where the citizens rights are not subservient to a few people who purport to speak for them on the grounds that they received their plebiscite.

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