Saturday, December 15, 2012

Wimal and Dilan have met their match!! – Shiranie B the CJ

The above two are part of the GOON SQUAD sent in by the President to insult and threaten the CJ within the PSC, hoping she would buckle under. Weren’t they in for a surprise when she turned the tables on them, announced to the world they were some street urchins in the guise of Ministers of the Republic, and a formal request has been made to the Speaker of the Parliament by her to take legal action against these aforesaid SCOUNDRELS for conduct unbecoming of humans.

Of course they do not believe they are scoundrels, but then again who does not believe the way they speak? Just go to parliament and listen to them speak and you would know the “Maskade Mudalali” is far more restrained than they are with their words. I cannot understand how they can allow school children to listen to their antics in Parliament!

Anyway it is time, the Govt. press stops saying that they did not insult, and that all the proceedings are on video! SO let us see this video and judge for ourselves. I am sure one day soon this will be leaked and we can enjoy some PSC Entertainment for the masses to show how those in responsible positions, who we have elected to handle our affairs actually behave.

The ‘Roadshow’ of the PSC proceedings and the way the President seems to distance himself from it now, is shameful. Is the President so aghast at the goings on by his men who he appointed, that he is not bothered in letting down the 116 MPs who signed the petition of Impeachment request, into now saying it was not correctly carried out?

I am speechless as to the actions now, when yet again he appears to want to slime out of a problem he alone has created, upon the bad advice of his advisers. He does not wish to be associated with the result and so has agreed to a so called “independent” biased committee as he is unable to appoint people who are considered without reproach.

Remember anyone without reproach does not wish to be associated with this administration, even in the independent commission. It is the nature of our society and the level and depth to which governance has now fallen. We shall further see if the impeachment debate is dropped and a new tactic used to get rid of the CJ, by finding her husband guilty so she resigns and takes a top job at the ICJ in the Hague as an international Jurist. Let us see!

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