Friday, December 21, 2012

'ANOMIE' – The Current State of the Leadership

I quote from an article in today’s Daily Mirror by a regular rabidly anti- American columnist, Ameen Izzadeen

“A famous French sociologist, Emile Durkheim called this condition in society, ‘ANOMIE’, which is now an established word in the English Dictionary.

According to him, Anomie sets in, when rules on how people ought to behave with each other break down, and thus people do not know what to expect from one another. In other words, ‘Anomie’ is a state where norms are confused, unclear or not present. Normlessness leads to deviant behavior.”

Ironically he was using it to describe present day America, without realizing or purposely forgetting that the best example of this lies in Sri Lanka no less of 2012, and now sadly going on to 2013. It is only the totally blind deaf and dumb who cannot realize this.

Deviant behavior is the norm of the leaders of Sri Lanka today, as that is what is considered by them to be correct, as they are not sufficiently aware of normal society to understand what is normal and acceptable, let alone moral and just!! Perhaps their background has roots in that explain.

Sadly the US has Israel as its Achilles heel which the writer in the Column, generalizes as a form of behavior that is normal. I agree when it comes to Israel, they are the most irrational arguments put forward, that baffles the mind and frustrates the rest of the world. But let not one weakness cover up a nation of greatness, of people who are far more open hearted and united and forgiving, unlike the destructive elements of divisiveness and difference with which we in Sri Lanka seem to thrive.

The Anomie of Sri Lanka, has created a schizophrenic outlook, where there is confusion as to what is right or wrong, and good or bad, and is reflective of the leadership that encourages this behavior as being natural. When it is a friends and family run place; that if one is not in that clique, they are those who are bled, blood sucked and weakened by every means at their disposal. Even those who know it is wrong are in fear of being found out and so live in a state of denial, as the best method of survival. It is time we moved out of this state into one of realistic rational refinement in a new realm. 

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