Friday, December 7, 2012


 – It had to come to that to show who is left in Charge! Of the cattle shed.

In the War that has just erupted “the CJ salvo” has had the most effect, the Govt. response is weak. They have NO artillery and this time they cannot rely on the American Satellite Intelligence either! They will rely on the white van! They have no other arms to defend themselves.

The Govt . is now in a position of ruling by decree, with only sycophants to back them. The CJ said that “She will continue to safeguard the Independence of the Judiciary, which is the heritage of the people of Sri Lanka who alone are the Sovereign of this Country”.

To get her to say this must have taken a much careful consideration and is in the nature of a Supreme Court Verdict on the status of the characters of the PSC and is not about the PSC itself or Parliament, though the cast will try and hide behind the Parliament is Supreme veil.

Yes. Parliament is supreme, but the characters now in it are a disgrace to that Sovereignty and Supremacy. To behave in such a way to get this accusation from the CJ is an incredible insult to the 7 members who are so implicated. The fact they do not realize this insult is itself an indication of their level of knowledge over the responsibility given to them.

Why doesn’t99% of the country realize that they are Supreme and the people are Sovereign? It is simply because they have elected a Government which wants to keep them ignorant of that fact. It is only the people of this country who can take a stand over this behavior and until they become sufficiently educated to understand simple logic and actions of a cornered animal that leads to crazy behavior, we are no different to these cornered persons.

How can we educate our people to the reality that there is NO Law Enforcement in this land? The people can be bought or compromised and so everything is forced on the people against their knowledge and therefore against their will.

It is only the people who can adjudicate on this matter, and I do not believe the constitution is clear on the remedies or course of action to take to establish law and order and the dominance of the people’s sovereignty. 

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