Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What kind of Court in the PSC? – it has not produced one iota of evidence

In the CJ impeachment process, there have been 117 MPsign a motion they have not seen. The order paper in Parliament yesterday, 4th December 2012, contained the 14 charges that led to the impeachment motion, and the setting up of the PSC, but there has been NO evidence from the PSC to these charges or corroborating these charges.

All that the lawyers representing the CJ can do is refute the charges with whatever evidence they can summon. Isn’t it the duty of the PSC which has been appointed, to ask for evidence from the accusers? (including 7 MPs in the PSC)

Now who are the accusers, the PSC or the 117 MPs to the motion? If it is the 117 MPs then the least they should do is present the evidence that they have to corroborate these charges. In a normal court one can sue for defamation of character if these charges cannot be proved or unfounded. Is the latter the case?  and therefore it will be merely a Kangaroo Court, which will not hear any evidence to back the charges, and only consider one side, namely the reasons given by the accused to defend herself from the myriad of charges.

What kind of mess have we got ourselves into? When a PSC is not a court and tries to act like one, and does not understand its true remit, we the general public are left wanting to know if all this is a witch hunt to hound our of office by fair means or foul, anyone this administration from time to time decides to dislike for whatever reason if any!!!

It is time that this whole mess is removed. There is only one option open to the Government. Namely to withdraw the motion on the grounds of insufficient evidence and let bygones be bygones.

We are then faced with face saving ways to do it as the parties to the impeachment do not wish to look like fools at home, however idiotic they may seem to anyone outside these shores, as that is a foregone conclusion.

It is time for us to move on to more important areas. We have been purposely misled by unnecessary distractions, and have taken our focus away from the important areas of the Government’s own misbehavior on account of its day to functions with regard to managing this economy and ensuring the best value for money for its citizens.

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