Friday, December 7, 2012


MPs who insulted the CJ yesterday calling her a “mad women” are in fact people voted in by our masses

We in Sri Lanka have now got used to electing riff raff to parliament based on their notoriety and not on their ability. It is a few who get elected in the latter category and we citizens must be ashamed of our conduct so to do, especially as they do not learn to behave once they enter parliament, and believe their boorish behavior is accepted practice there. Shamefully the speaker has not been able to discipline this rabble and therefore they are now beyond redemption as they consider that behavior OK!

It is therefore no wonder when the Chief Justice could not be controlled by them, and not willing to accept their terms, they insulted her by calling her a mad woman inside the PSC Committee Room where she was answering and making requests with regard to fair treatment within the law.

Is it any surprise then that the opposition MPs who requested the PSC to follow formal and established proposals in their investigation, were refused that? They had no option than to withdraw from proceedings. So what is left? “A ZILCH of Kangaroos!”

So now it is the PSC with 7 Government Goons (the same Zilch referred to above) and no one else NOT EVEN THE CJ. Who the hell are they investigating? They should first investigate themselves, asking why they are licking the bum of their leader. It is shameful of them not to have a backbone in their behavior, instead of undertaking to follow orders for favors to be handed out in the future. I know they have been bought but there is a price that is worth defending their honor as they will forever be remembered as MPs who were not reasonable and would follow orders. When they themselves face the firing squad there will BE NO ONE TO defend them. Is that any surprise? The history books will record all this.

In all honesty it will be only Ranil Wickremasinghe, who will eventually, despite all the mud that the Wimal of this world hurled at him, who will have the grace to defend the rights of this worthless hound! Such is the irony of this world and the hollow bravado of the personage.

Either way it is up to the people to petition the Govt. and the President in particular to desist from this asinine behavior. He is bringing hastening his Waterloo, by this action and not prolonging it. If they don’t it reflects on their ignorance, which again the powers are banking on – uneducated masses

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