Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Divi Neguma Bill is yet another attempt to dip into the kitty

The Divi Neguma Bill, which will be up for a ‘one day debate’ in Parliament on January 8th 2013 is a direct means of another huge expense, possibly amounting to in excess of Rs80B per annum, to be controlled, and therefore (due to the lack of governance) can be pick pocketed by the Minister in charge, I believe falling within the Minister of Economic Development.

This was the Bill which the Chief Justice and her court determined, required assent by the Provincial Councils before being presented in Parliament. This therefore is the reason and only reason the CJ is being impeached on a load of spurious charges, because it piqued the govt. that they were not able to steam roller another act. A vicious act of revenge!

The Tragedy of this whole thing is that this is yet another means at spending money the Country CANNOT afford on spurious development that DO NOT yield results. The whole Divi Neguma concept is flawed, but the Govt. has done an incredible PR job to convince people that it has merits. An electorate used to obtaining free items, including headaches, sees this as a bounty for them getting something free.

It is BAD economics to give something free. Worse still in Sri Lanka as the products delivered to be distributed free, are themselves shoddily produced, even if it is a seedling, with cheap quality input raw material.

These items distributed at huge expense to the Public Purse have incurred commissions, kick backs and fraud including the cut of Mr 30%, before the people see one grain of it. This colossal waste of public funding on a hoodwinking harebrained scheme in the guise of another extravagant Divi Neguma Bill, for which a further 16,000 unqualified graduates have just been appointed is cause for further soul searching of a bankrupt administration’s final rites, in emptying the exchequer and indulging in a Houdini disappearing act before they can be caught and lynched.

When will the people of Sri Lanka learn that it is they who must decide how their money is spent and not a cult of double crossing mischief makers in the guise of people’s representatives? It is better to be forewarned and forearmed, rather than come across a country that has been denuded of its wealth, with little else left to mortgage and forever consign its citizens to perpetual serfdom of their new lords and paymasters.  

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