Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Executive just lynched the Judiciary with the help of the sycophants in the Legislature – the people for the most part are in slumber or stupor!

In typical fashion after the CJ walks out and the Opposition refuses to participate in what essentially is a lynching, with no impartial hearing, the remaining sycophants in Govt. got what they want, a unanimous report that was presented to Parliament (with non dissenting in writing) to impeach the CJ.

Why is the Speaker saying that it (the impeachment motion recommended by the PSC) will be debated in Parliament in a month? Surely he could do it today. No, the Govt. wants a whole month to tarnish the CJ and perhaps the Judiciary along with her, using the excuse of ‘the parliament requires notice of an impeachment debate’ to gather facts hitherto not presented to the CJ to use in the debate with none able to contradict for lack of evidence to do so!

Here again Parliament is being fooled by accusations hurled in a debate, that the opposition is not made aware of in advance, so that proper counter arguments can be made. In this case again the Legislature will steam roll the impeachment and a new yes man will be appointed the CJ, as good as zero.

The hollow words of the President in saying that he respects the Independence of the Judiciary will ring loud in the portals of power, with the public unable to comprehend by ignorance what has been done in furtherance of autocracy.

Any student of history will see the parallels with Hitler in this instance, when only Idi Amin’s name is used for comparison. The latter was nothing compared to the former, and we sadly have to eviscerate this cancer from our midst, if we are to continue with any form of decent living sans disease.

It is now the turn of the apathetic public who have been used, manipulated, lied to, and taken the mickey out of to stand up for justice and human values. Only then can we restore the sense of safety, security, and sanity to a completely schizophrenic way of governance that must be removed.

It is the duty of every knowledgeable person in Sri Lanka with any degree of common sense to explain to his neighbor and friend, why it is that checks and balances are necessary in any society, however defined if it is to prosper, and be accountable to all its citizens, without fear or favor. 

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