Thursday, February 4, 2016

What is the missing link in “Yahapalanaya?” – The Fourth Estate

Lets face it, we would not have suffered for 10 years under the MR rule, if the Media at least took their responsibility seriously. They let the side down, and were bought over by simple things like lap tops and interest free loans.

They did this whilst even Parliamentarians, like the charismatic, and Sinhala speaking Raviraj was killed in broad daylight in front of the British School with impunity by forces personnel who just followed orders from above, and no guessing who gave the order. These are people who could easily unite Sinhala and Tamil people, and Rajapakse had NO INTENTION of doing this, as his whole formula to fool people using the race card will fall flat, and so would he!

We all knew the story then, but it was the duty of the media to tell the truth, but they did NOT. We are paying that price even today. When you have a bunch of lunatics calling themselves the Joint Opposition with almost all of them having blood on their hands, the Media smugly still dares NOT breathe a word against their actions.

When will the Media grow up and realize that the Rajapakse hold on the hinterlands is merely because of ignorance and the Media hand in keeping them ignorant. It is time to educate the rural folk to see good and evil and right from wrong. We have seen what ignorance can do to people, at least educate them on the facts and let the people decide what they want. Now we don’t give them the facts, the media feeds them lies, and then what do you expect?

The current jokers in power are NO angels either, but lets face it they now fear the law, they know they will finally be caught and incarcerated if they try to brake the law. Therefore things are better in that respect.

Granted that the guys in power have no brains and are foundering like idiots, but then only idiots seek election as the people voting for them don’t know any better. Until the people are more intelligent we will continue put people who are incapable of running their homes, balancing household budgets with earnings and not profits of crimes into parliament. Those who come because they have money anyway just have more money than SENSE, that is the alternative lot.

So it all boils down to a return to a powerful 4th Estate. It is only here that the female gender can put all males to shame. They were the people courageous enough to take MR head on, and it is time their voice is given more prominence to report the facts in all the Newspapers. It is time the charlatans of the TNA, as well as the Joint Opposition and some of the also rans in Govt. are exposed as frauds out to steal the hard earned money of the people for their own ends! 


  1. It is time the Media is exposed as frauds. Only then will competent and intelligent people realize that they will be able to build a career in true journalism, something that has been hitherto absent.

    The Media owners, (no angels either) will have to handle this transition period, if we are to truly benefit from Good Governance, and take the Country to the next level, not allowing the minds of enslaved people to be further prejudiced by these journalists who are relics of the past, and beholden to ideals that are now dead and buried, but kept alive only due to the power of these journalists at the helm of some of the Media channels.

    Good investigative reporting is the need of the hour, and will expose all the wrong doings of the MR era so people will understand his true status as traitor and not savior, and all those currently attempting to defraud are also stopped in their tracks by these honorable Journalists a new breed waiting to be given the chance.

  2. are you just out from angoda pissan kotuwa.