Tuesday, February 2, 2016

CKDU – Spreading South wherever next? ALL ISLAND

I have been following the spread of Kidney Disease during the past 5 years, and is aghast that the State or any other Institution local or foreign has not taken up this in a serious and systematic manner to determine cause, minimize the causes, and provide the needed resources to diagnose at an early stage, those who are most at risk and set up treatment plans to ensure, either full recovery or at least the ability to live a useful life in society, being both a contributor to its well being and hopefully an educator in its prevention and spread.

All these are very simple concepts, and all I hear about is new hospitals and new dialysis units to help patients who have contracted the disease. We must do something before it becomes a problem of uncontrollable proportions like AIDS in South Africa, as it looks like a similar problem, and like in all matter that shake the Sri Lankan psyche it has to be one that gets incurable before people get roused! ARE WE ALL ASLEEP?

If comparisons are required, I point to the traffic crisis in Colombo, which is getting worse by the day, costing a Billion rupees a day, and NOTHING is STILL being done about it.

Kidney disease MUST be right up there as one of the pressing problems facing Sri Lanka. However, nothing seems to be done about it. What ever is being done however is wholly insufficient.

I know what is going to happen. Why wait 5 years for it to happen? We should take action now. When people start dying like flies, it will suddenly dawn on the people that pesticides, and the Sri Lanka soil don’t have a happy mix and over time it pollutes the water to such an extent that there is NO reversal, but banning ALL sorts of chemical means at destroying animal insect or plant life.  

The answer is simple, an all organic Country that will be easy to enforce and prove, and also be easy to market as the safest paradise on earth.

I therefore challenge the powers to take this necessary step as a 10 year program so that at the end of this period Sri Lanka will be a certified organic nation with untold benefits that will accrue to the people who live in this pollution free zone enjoying an unparalleled quality of life that will be the envy of the world, while saving its citizens from near death, and improving the health of its citizenry, taking it to possibly the country with the highest quality of life on earth.   

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