Monday, February 8, 2016

I hope the people finally realize the concept behind a National Government

The prime minister finally explained that in this technological era, a party of one, namely the UNP governing the Country is superfluous, it has to have all the jokers, and I for one think it is high time the TNA also joined, though thee JVP is ideologically completely out to lunch in this menagerie. The token gesture of the singing of the National Anthem in Tamil, deserves reciprocity of the TNA agreeing to be wedded to the National Government, rather than be tied! To the Diasporic Bigotry of ex-patriate Tamils, (expatriate Sinhala people also have diasporic bigotry and is not singularly a Tamil one)

It is therefore quite clear that this so called United Opposition, of the MR faction, only get traction within the Country, when they highlight the race card, and frighten people into believing that Tiger terrorists have been released from custody, while intelligence officers who saved the nation from Tamil separatism have been incarcerated! It is time the followers of MR, and there are too many right now for comfort, realize that their leaders are just imploding with the last bit of gas left in them, and that for a Country to look forward to a bright future, we MUST put our past prejudices aside.

I find it a constant irritant trying to explain the concept of the National Government to the UNP stalwarts around the Country, telling them that the PM promised that this would take place. Granted there are rogues of the past administration in the National Government, but equally there are rogues of the UNP also in this Administration, so a rogue is a rogue, no matter what color they are.

We must eviscerate the Govt. from the rogues, but who do we put in their place? We have not identified competent to replace them, and it is time we identify them and create a pool of deserving people, and bring them into positions of management and authority on a methodology that is acceptable to all.

Only the PM can understand that, the days of two party, or for that matter party politics is a thing of the past, but it is still difficult to wean the older generation from that which we must. Let us go forward with a positive attitude to what is going to be a revolution in thinking, and change to suit the times. Let us hope the working committee of the UNP which is still dogged by dogma, but little in enlightened thinking, will also realize their inadequacies and change with the times, for the benefit of the future of the UNP if it is ever to have a future! 

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  1. Ranil, it is time you surround yourself with at least like minded competent people who complement your weaknesses as an administrator. They will then be able to explain simply what your vision is.

    Frankly all the goons that protect you from the truth, are those who don't have an iota of grey matter in them, and you have them around because their ONLY saving grace has been that they have always been loyal to you through thick and thin.

    It is time for good publicity by competent communicators to explain this mystery of the future which only you understand, and rest being cocooned by a miserable education system cannot comprehend. Trust me there are a few who really know what it is you are about, but you have not made an effort at least to gain their trust, and still remain outsiders, not being permitted to enter the inner circle by those louts (your trusted acolytes) who have built a thick fort around you.

    Do you realize how many thousand want to advise you in how to implement your vision, and who you can delegate the task with complete confidence? These are competent technocrats who want to help Sri Lanka rid itself of the shackles of old, so a new age can dawn in Paradise.

    Open the doors, but first send the faithful out to pasture, to Siberia for a year perhaps.