Thursday, February 11, 2016

IUSF – The curse of Student Politics of the State University System

It is no surprise that the Private Sector in general do not wish to employ Graduates from State University, because of the attitude they have acquired!

Why? The JVP, which has a completely outmoded and bankrupt philosophy is only kept alive by the indoctrination of a few impressionable youth by disaffected and envious people. These youth RAG the entrants to subjugate their minds into a class ridden society to help control their minds from then on.

This logic completely kills creativity, turning out graduates from the state system, believing private education is elitist and should be banned and that they (the crème de la crème) the best and brightest should automatically be given, high paying jobs with a desk and computer, neither of which these graduates even know how to use.

Unless this vicious cycle is neutralized with an optimistic can do philosophy, that youth who naturally start from left ideals, and work their way right! There is no future for Sri Lanka.

The MR government thought the compulsory three week training at camps, would do the trick and many parents bought into that ideal to counter the JVP disruptive influence. The reality was that this using the family rule of the MR govt. as the norm and preferred solution, tried to correct a wrong with another wrong and so it was bound to fail, to achieve the objective.

The real solution is to have a 3 week course preferably residential for ALL school leavers, NOT just university entrants, in empowerment, psychology of behavior, life skills and career path, with plenty of audio visual help, to give for the future, and foundation of the state, education and health care, has been built with their future in mind, and not that of the elders out to squeeze every ounce of life from them.

The reality/practicality of life, marriage, tragedy, probability of certain occurrences, must be made clear. Only then will rational choices me made.

The level of youth ignorance despite the era of technology is staggering. And the ability of a few deranged people able to influence, these impressionable men and women well into their 40s, the age when they finally realize that they have been taken for an almighty ride, by which time it is too late to reverse life’s mistakes, as their kids also grow up with the wrong ideals, unless the proposed pre-school plan in the previous blog entry is put into immediate action. Then we have one chance only of reversing decades of stagnation, back into light!   

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