Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Finally the law applies equally to all – that is called “yahapalanaya”

There was some confusion lately of the people being told that the law was not equal, and one of the greatest bad influences as far as respect for the law is concerned, namely that old chameleon, Mahinda Rajapakse, was telling people that the Govt. was taking revenge on him, whilst even the Police murderers were getting off scott free.

So the three disparate groups, firstly in the guise of Mahinda’s son whose litany of crimes only just seems to have caught the attention of the law, are now coming home to roost, firstly on money laundering on the CSN deal, which we all knew was a big fraud from day one, when we wondered how some unemployed and never employed little urchin sons of the President had the wherewithal to do deals of that magnitude, unless they either stole the money, dealt drugs, or was fronting for their father or other deal maker who wanted to keep hush hush on how they got the money.

Now we know it is someone’s money, and whoseever it is even a Columbian Drug Lord’s it is definitely illegal, as otherwise it could have come through into the accounts from legitimate sources. The trouble is these kids with NO levels keep thinking because they have a famous dad he could bail them out of a mess. That idea was fine whilst he was in power, and once out the chickens came home to roost.

Then it was the turn of the troublesome Priest Galaboda Aththo, who had the cheek to accuse the Court that they had arrested the secret service, as they were the protectors of the Country, even if they had committed murder, because the journalist who was murdered was in fact an LTTE spy. Well, even if he was an LTTE spy, if they had the evidence they could have prosecuted him to the full extent of the law, as it was under the MR regime, and they would certainly not let him get away with it as they had already knobelled the judiciary. So these secret service officers were arrested as they were implicated in a crime of the state, for which the state has to prosecute no matter what the thug acting member of the clergy thought.

Finally it was the turn of the ASP of Embilipitiya who also thought he could take the law into his own hands and kill an innocent man who turns out to be one who cannot see injustice done! Much of the argument was about double standards of the press, who seem to be wanting a totalitarian state, due to their own inadequacies of being a person who reports any story given to them along with the proverbial bottle of arrack! Now it seems even their days are numbered. A more enlightened reader will see that we are finally headed down the path of righteousness, and we now only have the MEDIA to educate!

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