Saturday, February 27, 2016

I believe the top of our Tourist Trade don’t peruse articles on Sri Lanka

Actually this is more about disposing garbage, but it is also relevant as one of the most important steps in making Sri Lanka a top tourism destination in high-end Tourism.

It is most important that our Tourism development professionals always keep up to date with every bit of international news on Sri Lanka, especially travel write-ups, so they know what is being written and why.

A potential tourist reads these, books on line, after reviewing comments about places they intend visiting etc. IT is an eye opener, about what others think of our Country. It is also extremely important to learn from their comments and do what which is necessary to ENHANCE this product.

I believe above all we must concentrate on making this Country clean. It is currently a garbage dump wherever you go, and many tourists excuse us for our shoddy habits, as they don’t like to label us litter bugs, but it is high time as a rule for our hygiene, well being, discipline and beauty that we put this number one on our list, and take steps immediately to correct this huge problem.

What is the point of going on a Pilgrimage to Sri Pada, if the result of the months of pilgrimage season is 100 tonnes of garbage, that voluntary organizations get involved in cleaning up, after you. Let us train people there about garbage disposal, and get people to bring back their garbage down to the bottom!

This attached article is merely one of many that I am referring to and lately there have been a profusion of articles and I suggest our Top Dogs in Tourism have a department just to down load, read comment and suggest improvement so that we are on the ball with latest in tourism trends.

I am convinced that GARBAGE eradication, is made a priority many other developments will take place that will improve the quality of life of the citizens. It is amazing how the consciousness of the nation will rise, and people who habitually throw away “things” from their bus window will think twice.

In a country where there are hardly any receptacles for garbage, we sometimes don’t have any option, but this habit of wrapping our lunch in plastic, must stop, as that is the non degradable part, that animals eat, and suffer terribly, which in a Country that is talking about animal welfare acts etc, has don’t nothing in the draft of this bill, to explain and prevent this ghastly and horribly painful death that animals, pets and wild animals constantly suffer from owing to the means of disposing of food, even from rotting Economic Center excesses.


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