Monday, February 8, 2016

It is time the Govt. not only listens

but takes alternative advice from the professionals and put them in the spot to make the public investment decisions that they are now criticizing

The above link is to an article where the professionals are concerned that Good Governance principles are being brazenly flouted by the new Govt. effectively following in the footsteps of the previous discredited and corrupt administration of Mahinda Rajapakse in how they award tenders on very large capital expenditure projects.

I say challenge them and give them the contract to negotiate and manage, as they seem to be the know it all bunch who seem to criticize but whose talents have yet to be tested in practice. After all Guneruwan and Kumarage are transport experts who are expounding their ideas for the Megapolis Transport plan, and even there seem to be frustrated that their ideas are NOT being implemented.

Let us give them some responsibility so they can practice what they preach, and if they are right, the Country can save billions of rupees from their better management of the resources, hopefully devoid of the corrupt practices of the current tender process of senior ministers, bent on making as much money to line their pockets before they fall dead in their seats!!!

I am not commenting if they can do a better job than the jokers who are taking the Country to the cleaners, but I challenge both the PM and President to take over a big contract and prove they can do it much better at a much lower cost!

We are a nation of complainers, and finger pointing, the proof of the pudding is however in the eating, and let us eat the pudding that these pontificators are baking and look at the results.

I know through the last Govt. especially billions of dollars were spirited away, and it will take another 20 years to find what happened to it, and to apprehend the crooks who are still running around, some holding positions as Cabinet Ministers also. 

However, the people expect those who stole from the Country to pay for it, and I hope the law will finally catch them and punish them, so no one can feel they will get away with crimes, which if the past impunity was anything to be compared with, the perpetrators did not think that in a million years they would eventually be caught for their crimes. 

All this augers well for the future, but a few brave decisions must be taken now to ensure survival of Sri Lanka for at least the next 50 years!

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  1. We MUST learn to offer practical solutions to alleged problems, rather than just point out faults. The JVP is wonderful at criticising, but hopeless at providing practical solutions to their criticism. This issue is similar, and it is time, the professionals who are the best able to criticize Govt. action are given the task of taking over control and running it the way that 'Yahapalanaya' should work in their opinion.