Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Imprison the 25,000 Unemployed Graduates within 30days!

The Unemployed Graduates Federation has said that there are 25,000 State Educated Graduates who are currently unemployed. (Info graphic in ADA paper front top left hand side 17th Feb 2016) They agitated yesterday, and many days previously, holding the travelling public in Colombo to ransom, demanding that the state employ them.

In the same paper, their Organizer, Dhammika Munasinghe, stated that it is unfair that foreigners are given jobs when they are unemployed! Actually the public MUST agitate to put them in jail for such treacherous statements! If prison is the alternative, I can guarantee that 50% will find jobs, just to avoid jail, such are the “lilly livered” (cowards) nature of this animal who needs to be weaned from drinking mother’s milk.

Does that Munasinghe realize that it is because these lazy wailing mamatities, don’t want to work, that we have to import 850 industrious Vietnamese to work in the new Cinnamon Life project as construction workers! There are 250,000 vacancies in Sri Lanka, needing desperately to be filled, and no takers.

It is the height of cheek that someone who receives a free education at University, turns round and demands a job! Are they that mentally deficient? Don’t they understand that the state university degree sometimes, actually makes them more unemployable? If they only had O levels and left school, ALL of the 25,000 will be earning well by now as it would be over 15 years since leaving school and they would have learned a highly lucrative trade by then!

It is because they have NOT been educated that they are unemployed. Don’t blame the system, they should have changed the system while in University to force the state to give them an education, a course that is relevant to a vocation. IUSF agitate for things ‘political’ and NOT ‘practical’.

The Govt. also must grow some balls! They MUST PROCLAIM that these 25,000 people have cost the state, Rs25B and this was paid for by the poor farmers in Sri Lanka, and now they have to repay that debt by going and working free of charge with the farmers who are short of farm workers, to pay off their debt to them! Now wouldn’t that be a wake up call to these lazy louts.

I agree this boils down to churning out uneducated Graduates, and to this the state MUST share the blame. Making them pay for some part of their education, especially the Courses that cost a lot, will make sure they will choose the Courses they do wisely, and THEY WILL LOOK and CHOOSE courses from which they can be assured of employment soon after Graduation.    

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