Saturday, February 20, 2016

The bumptious blaggard – New Zealand Prime Minister – John Key

Coming from a Country with more sheep than brains! John Key’s article in the Daily Mirror on his impending arrival is frankly insulting!

Of course he has every right to say what he wants, and it is totally OK to publish it in the newspapers. In a Country that does not have the critical intelligence to analyze writings due to a warped education system, and a totally subservient public who have been led my unscrupulous media personnel though out its independence, (pre independence journalist was far more balanced and unbiased that it is today) his statements may just be innocuous, but hidden in what is written is patronizing from a Country that has had more aid from SL than that ever received from NZ. Further Fonterra, the farmers cooperative that exports tones of by-product milk powder, effectively the offal of the cow’s milk to put a word for it, is not really doing this country much good.

I have nothing against New Zealanders or their beautiful country. I just take umbrage at the pomposity of the PMs limited intelligence being expounded as something gargantuan.

He talks about giving aid to Sri Lanka, just hot air! Every Doctor that has migrated to NZ has a value of US$3M as value to the host country. Count the number and you have just one idea of their value to NZ. Every chartered Accountant as a value of US$1M and you can do the sums on that value.

NZ is still gladly taking the best of the best from Sri Lanka and the total value of this AID to NZ is approximately US$3Billion since independence and so the tag line should read, NZ appreciates the years of AID it has given it, and the NZ PM has come to thank the people of Sri Lanka for suffering hardship to educate professionals at the State’s expense to AID the NZ economy come to its current level of development.

Mark you I have NO problem giving aid to these much needed aid recipients like Australia, NZ, USA, Canada, and the UK to refer to the main aid recipients with NZ. However it MUST be the turn of the leaders of this Country appreciating this, acknowledging its value, and doing something to compensate for this huge AID imbalance!!  

I am afraid most Sri Lankans don’t understand what I am saying here, as FREE EDUCATION in Sri Lanka is NOT appreciated because it is free, and the value of a productive person and only productive people are accepted by the NZ government, not servants without O levels. YOU GET THE POINT! 

As for the Fonterra farm in Pannala and the PR, Political and Economic Implications, I reserve judgement for a future time. 

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