Tuesday, February 2, 2016

What is the inside story here? Why is an ASP not arrested despite an order?

I must say I am at a loss to understand procedure here. Is a magisterial order NOT enough to arrest the HQI and ASP? I thought that was the same as in the Homagama Case where marauding robed men, in the guise of priests (shaming the whole of the Sangha) were later arrested, once the Police were given an magisterial order.

When there is immediate arrest for contempt of Court proceedings and no arrest for suspected murderers, average citizens like me, ask if the Police are made an exception.

It is therefore important that the public are actually kept abreast of the legal nuances so that they can make up their minds as to the action they should take through the democratic process, when they know that the law has NOT been applied equally to all, which is the whole concept of the YAHAPALANAYA to which I still subscribe and which I still believe IS THE answer to 70 years of NOPALANAYA especially when it came to the way the Police Force was created and the myth through which it was maintained, to subjugate the nation’s subjects by the Nations rulers, be they the British or the Sri Lankans there after.

It is now the turn of true justice that accompanies YAHAPALANAYA to be felt in Sri Lanka, so all citizens can feel comfortable that the LAW will protect them, be they Mahinda Rajapakse or Maithripala Sirisena or Rja aiyya or Sri malli in any remote corner of the Country.

Now it is the turn of the Media to get the bashing. YES the PM was correct when he says the Media should be balanced, rather than just extorting the words of a man who committed every sin in the law books whilst in office, trying to recite the law whilst out of. Similarly whilst they are questioning the treatment of the Ven. Galaboda Aththo for contempt of Court, implying the Govt. for some reason is attacking Buddhism, should concentrate on the Police Force and their intransigence and dereliction of duty. Are they afraid of the police, and NOT afraid of the Govt. We then have something seriously wrong in our society, where the defenders of truth, the Media, DISTORT THE TRUTH

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