Monday, February 29, 2016

There are no students in Grade 13 in State Schools this morning! They are those who will sit their A levels in August 2016

Where is the Media? They must inform the Public and the Govt. of the facts!

All schools following the A level curriculum of the Dept. of Examinations, have an obligation to ensure that their students attend a minimum of 80% classes in school, before they are eligible to sit the Exams.

As of March 1st, the paperwork would have been submitted to the Dept. of Exams, on the list of the students, the subjects they will be offering for the August Exams.

Therefore students know that if they do not attend any class from today, the school is unlikely to stop the student from sitting the exam. So what do the students do? They are busy attending Tuition Crammers on their four subjects for the next 5 months!

To cut to the chase go to any Grade 13 class this morning, start with the supposed TOP schools in Colombo and Gampaha District that account for 25% of the students enrolled to sit this years A levels, YOU WILL BE IN FOR A SURPRISE!

There are NO students. GO to Royal and Visakha for starters. This is scandalous! What are the teachers doing about it? What is the Principal doing about it? Nothing. They dare not open their mouth. The teachers get a salary, and don’t have to earn it by teaching, and the Public, you and me are paying for this Education, or more like LACK OF EDUCATION!

The kids are at Tuition classes for part of the day, paid for by their parents. Parents spend an average of Rs5,000 a month, paying for Tuition Fees, Transport, and Food, and hope to God that their kids will get a decent grade at A levels. (so much for the myth of free Education) Under this practice, isn’t it better to send the offspring to Private Schools, knowing your children are at school, and not playing hooky, and not in for a nasty surprise later that your money went elsewhere?

Yes it is true that all schools do not have good teachers, so parents who can afford, send their kids to well-known Masters who spend a million a month just advertising their classes, some in different Cities. As for the much heralded Technology Stream at A levels, which is supposed to send 2,000 students each year to State Universities, there are NO teachers, and so all the Students go to the Masters who teach these subjects, as the ONLY hope of passing! CHECK FACTS!

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