Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Past President’s sometimes have selective amnesia

when it comes to their crimes whilst in Office & and by extension of their family members who act with impunity!

It is quite distressing when one sees the behavior of Mahinda Rajapakse who despite 10 years of despotic rule does not seem to have accepted his failures, and attempt to change for the better, let alone start to abide by the rule of law.

It is therefore regrettable that he continues to and his followers also continue to live in denial as to collective guilt on the gross violations, let alone mass killings conducted during this administration. Don’t they realize that in some countries their crimes would have resulted in them having being executed for treason! The mind boggles as to their state of mind!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway to come back to the present, we in Sri Lanka are still grappling with right and wrong. No wonder we have still not progressed from the stone age, with stone age leaders appealing to stone age followers!

It is clear that Yoshitha has committed at least two different criminal acts, one in Money laundering of illegal funds through his DEFACTO leadership of CSN and also of helping himself to state funds, for which he WAS not entitled to for his Naval Training.

It is fair that MR and Harin Fernando, have pulled up the Police Force in arresting the culprits in a murder, and it is up to the Police Force to grow up to the 21st Century practice of accountability and give up the practice of impunity and this will be an example which will suddenly wake the SL Police force out of its arrogance, to become protectors of the Law and NOT its desecrators.

It’s good this issue is in public debate, so we can finally teach right and wrong by way of example to a gullible public, so that respect for the law is upheld. 

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