Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Attorney General – the most important appointment of the year

With the retirement of the affable Yvanjana, it is time to think of the whole role of the AG’s department under Yahapalanaya and make this crucial appointment based on what it is the Dept. must do, and who it is best suited to that task.

All this time, the legal system both the public sector and private sector have been shown to be a huge drag on development, confidence and efficiency and it is time this is turned around to be the pre cursor to growth, where people have confidence in the speed and balance of the justice system, as well as efficient handling of the case load, in a practical and efficient manner.

SO who will it be? I don’t know. It is time to bring someone from outside the AGs department such as a Supreme Judge like Buwenaka Aluvihare, but as the link shows, I don’t know the capabilities of the individuals for the task at hand, and it is IMPORTANT they deliver within a short period, by shaking up the whole staid laid back (effectively traitors to their responsibilities)

Sadly the legal system has good minds, but hopeless administrators, and that is why Govt. when you exclude the ones who don’t have O levels, you are left with lawyers the worst kind to be the ones to make decisions on our behalf. No wonder then SL has lagged behind the world, when it has the best minds at birth in the world. It is the processes that are bad.

The linch pins of yahapalanaya is the Police Force that protects the people, and the Judicial system that provides speedy justice that is fair. Everything else will automatically fall into place once we establish this fact.

If truth be told, both the Police Force and the AGs office need straight as an arrow administrators to run it, and not a professional policeman or jurist. However as that possibility will meet with a lot of resistance, the alternative is to have a very strong Commission overseeing their activity, that has powers of recommendation that MUST be acted upon, manned by proven administrators at the helm. This will then be the checks and balances we so desperately need to clean up and make these two institutions more efficient.

I trust the PM and President understand this dire need if they are ever to regain the confidence the people had at the outset, that has now been eroded, due to missteps and the inability of the independent media to rise above the biased media who still seem to hold sway in those institutions. Time for strong action that is explained clearly to the people who will give them the benefit of the doubt. Searching around for the key to get back on track, it is a no brainer, to realize it is just the Police and Judicial system that needs a thunderbolt. 

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