Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Constitutional Assembly – debate in Parliament Tomorrow (25th Feb)

I am sure the observer of Politics in Sri Lanka is never surprised when the denizens who rule this Country engage in some of the most ridiculous decisions, ostensibly as elected representatives of this Country.

Before I go on, I must remind the reader that it is we the general public who have voted all these 225 (except the 29 on the National List who are indirectly appointed by those whom we voted for) who continue to make decisions on our behalf, and in that same vein, there is a debate in Parliament about the same 225 being referred to as the Constitutional Assembly being tasked to present a new Constitution to the people to approve at a Referendum.

Let us ask the first of many questions, but this is enough for this essay. How many if any are actually conversant on what a New Constitution really is? Do they know for approximately what period it would be relevant, especially as getting a 2/3 majority is needed for future amendments or even a proposal for a referendum, then it maybe unlikely to achieve one in the future! (or so JR thought!)

Then does anyone realize that but for about 20 in the current parliament everyone else would have expired within 20 years, and so they are actually proposing it for people who will be alive after they have departed!!!!!

Has anyone even thought to consult those who will be alive during the best part of the New Constitution to determine if that is what they want? Further, even ask what it is they want from a new Constitution? I rather think not!

So what is the debate all about? About mistakes of the past and NOT of the basic foundations needed for a Country in order to achieve the objectives that the PM has set for our future growth and direction! This means that the whole day tomorrow by these show offs, is all going to be a waste of time, as they have NO clue as to what it is that is expected. Can anyone have the presence of mind at least to set the agenda of the day, so that productivity prevails and NO grandstanding for the gallery results.

As an aside, but as further proof of how absurd our decision makers are, it is noted in today’s media, that FM Sarath Fonseka is to be appointed a Cabinet Minister for the development of Central, North Central and Uva Provinces!  ARE YOU SERIOUS? Why is this insult to our intelligence not firmly criticized? If this is the step-motherly treatment that these people are meted, how can they have any belief that the Govt. is serious about sustainable development and balanced growth. DS must be rolling in his grave!

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